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Augmented Reality

Time & Leisure Media Group are set to offer advertisers a brilliant and unique way to help gain new customers.

Readers will be able to watch extra content on video whilst relaxing at home, in the coffee shop, during their commute or in the office by simply holding a smart phone or tablet over the printed page.

‘This extra content will grab readers’ attention. Businesses can use this opportunity to attract new customers in a new, exciting, fun and interactive way and keep them engaged for longer. Our printed magazines will now be a portal to the digital world which reflects our commitment to offering customers interesting and refreshing ways to promote their business’ said Mike Reed, Commercial Director.

With video marketing on the rise even amongst smaller businesses and over 50% of our subscribers accessing our digital products through mobile devices, Time & Leisure are now well placed to deliver the content straight into the hands of the right people, in the right areas, through this launch of what is known as Augmented Reality.

In the May edition there will be coverage to support the launch along with bonus content and incentives within the editorial to entice readers to download the APP, as well as promotion across all Time & Leisure Media.

Augmented Reality is simple to use

Readers will be encouraged to download an APP allowing additional content to launch in seconds when their device is held over the pages of Time & Leisure. There are no barriers, no clicking, just hold it over the pages and watch. A small icon will highlight where there is additional content to guide the reader.

What could businesses do?

Ideas include: A showcase of Chef cooking – or helpful tips, a how-to style feature of cocktails being made, the finished room makeover or home renovation project, before and after shots, an interview with an expert, through the keyhole / behind the scenes of a business, how products are made, previews of theatre shows, out-takes content (humour and personality works!), a garden being landscaped with time delay, customer testimonials and reviews, a showcase of a product or retail outlet... the list is endless.

Top 5 tips for video content

  1. Keep it short and simple – if it’s a minute or less you are on the right track!
  2. Make it entertaining – humour, personality and fast-paced content keeps attention and is enjoyable to watch
  3. Get value for money – the bulk of the cost for filming a video is in the setup, so plan well and produce a series of content in one shoot
  4. Think about the audience – what is it your customer would really like to see and engage with? Target the content accordingly and give real value
  5. Be creative – offer something that they wouldn’t normally get to see –sneak previews, genuine and valued advice, behind the scenes footage, and make sure you add some character

How to get involved

If you have an advert booked from the May edition onwards simply ask your sales contact to activate the advert. It costs just £200+vat, with discounts available for a series of videos.

Send the video to your contact as .mov OR .mp4 OR .avi, or send the YouTube URL.

Need to create a video? Contact Mike Reed via email or on 020 8545 6777 to discuss our video creation service.

Augmented Reality