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Planning A Campaign

When planning growth for my own business I always look at the year ahead, often longer.

Planning your advertising campaign over 12 months is the key to creating the most successful campaigns and will help you generate the right kind of response.

Before you start thinking about advertising look at what will be happening in your business over the next 12 months. Ask yourself:

  • Do you have new products or services coming in, a revamp or launching a new range?
  • Do you have seasonal trends, highs and lows, and if so do you want to capitalise on the busy times or support the quiet times?
  • Which area of your business will be most profitable to increase?
  • Have you any events, open evenings, sales?
  • Is your business effected by seasonal events, Christmas, Jan sales, Easter, Summer, new season trends etc?

On a blank piece of paper or spreadsheet map out the next 12 months ahead and start to fill in what happens for your business and when. Is is surprising once you start that most months you will find several items jostling for your attention.

You are then in a position to decide which areas will be the most beneficial to building your businesses and attract the best spend from new customers. ie. January – Sales, new product launch, 2 for 1 offer

Build trust with the readers

Time & Leisure readers trust their magazine and as a result they trust the brands they find in the magazine. By appearing regularly in the magazine you will build trust with our readers and they are more likely to choose your brand over a less familiar one.

This is why we create carefully sectioned areas of the magazine so they know easily where to look for the 'carpet supplier': in the interiors section.

Repetition, repetition, repetition

Regular monthly advertisers often report the highest response to their adverts. It is better to reduce the size of your advert and appear every month than having a sporadic approach. If you move your advert, or are thinking about advertising every other month, don't! Readers get confused if they can't find you one month and you may have lost your window of opportunity, they won't know that you'll be back the following month.

12 – the magic number

The most successful advertising companies create a 12 month campaign. It is effective, builds brand loyalty, enables businesses to show the variety of services offered and generates the best response.

Booking a 12 series of adverts will save money, you will benefit from the biggest discounts making it more cost effective.

And it will save you time!  Planning ahead will help when monthly deadlines come around. You won't be making snap decisions but will have your carefully planned campaign to refer to. Sure, tweak it but don't advertise by the seat of your pants.

As your company grows you will need a continual high quality source of new customers. This is why it is important to choose a media vehicle that has shown to be consistently reliable and will support your business into the future. Time & Leisure has been an integral part of the community for many years. We are here for the long term future and so are our readers, we treat our advertisers as partners and will be growing with your business well into the future.

Designing the right advert to generate response is not easy which is why we offer a free advertising workshop to help you get the most out of advertising in Time & Leisure magazine.