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Reader Panel Feedback

Our Reader Panel was asked to respond to the statements below with a number from 1 to 10, where 1 represents ‘completely disagree’ and 10 represents ‘completely agree’. The average (median) scores are shown below.

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November 2013 Issue

Panel size: 54 readers

It has excellent local content    9
I found interesting articles to read    9
I read it from front to back    8
It is a high end local magazine    9
The articles were relevant and of local interest    9

Other comments

  • I like your magazine, you get some great interviews with both famous people (who all seem to have some link to the local area) and those at the heart of our community - good work.  The content always seems well balanced between local interest, local business, with a smattering of international glamour (as we are a London Borough this is appropriate).  I gave you 9's to keep you on your toes ;-)
    PS: There is a rather expensive looking competitor publication which I have been sent (I think because I advertise with you - not because I own an expensive house!) - in my opinion you don't need to copy this format.  It's not appropriate and will likely soon be over-run with ads from high-end Estate Agents for houses very few of us can afford - not what we want.  Keep it local and focused like you do.
  • I always enjoy receiving and reading this magazine. While I might not find everything to be relevant to my current situation, I do find useful and entertaining articles.
  • I really enjoyed the piece of Unlocking Autism the Common signs check list was very helpful.
    Also the Christmas Table decorations gave me some fab ideas.