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Many of our advertisers have been with in Time & Leisure for years. Here’s why:

‘Time & Leisure provide a professional, effective and dependable service which we value highly when planning how best to achieve our marketing campaigns. We’ve advertised regularly in the magazine over the last three years and love the quality of the magazine, find the rates to be of good value and have profited from their dedicated readership. More recently we’ve worked with their media team who delivered fresh, exciting and effective design. Time & Leisure are constantly growing and evolving with the times and industry, introducing new media ideas such as augmented reality in the magazine and establishing their Food &| Drink Awards. They’re firmly rooted in the Wimbledon community and a lovely bunch of people to work with!’

Danielle Cleobury, Love Wimbledon Marketing and Events Manager

‘As soon as the edition of Time & Leisure magazine came out with our advert included we sold out of tickets for our special Autumn tasting event in just a few days. We also had people call to tell us they had seen the advert couldn’t make it but booked parties for other dates. We also fill up all availability for our Rugby World Cup events. Thanks Time & Leisure.’

Justin Geri, General Manager of The Fox & Grapes, Wimbledon Common

‘Having tried all of the local magazines the only one we have had consistent success with and return on investment has been Time & Leisure. Mike is always bringing us fresh new ideas for ways to market with events, digital and supplements etc. We highly value our relationship and what it brings us!’

Charley Jones ,Commercial Manager, Schmidt Kitchens Wimbledon

‘It’s so refreshing to work with a media partner that just gets us as a business, and knows exactly what we are looking to achieve.
They have such a friendly and efficient team, who understand the brief, can manage the project from concept to design and through to final publication. It’s a partnership that has spanned 12 years or more and now play a huge part in our media campaigns and strategy.

‘From a humble ½ page advert maybe once every 3 months, has now built to a fantastic partnership of seasonal fashion shoots, production of our annual Christmas style magazine and twice yearly fashion party event in conjunction with the Time & Leisure team.’

Ian Turner, Marketing Manager, Elys of Wimbledon

‘I find leaflets with Time & Leisure are good value for money, they stay in people’s houses even longer than the edition and we often receive calls for several months afterwards. It is very reliable and better than other forms of distribution’

Kevin Peachman, Outdoor Creations

‘We are very pleased with the service we have received from Michelle, she is a pleasure to work with and very helpful and proactive at suggesting opportunities! We have not long been advertising with Time and Leisure and are already noticing a very good response rate to our adverts’

Helen Wood, Simply Loft

‘Thanks for again for a great effort. You really do a great job, and are by far the best of the magazine people I deal with in the London and Surrey mags that we use.

‘Warm regards’

Bruce, Bruces Doggy Day Care

‘Hello Michelle and the team

‘I would like to send a personal message of thanks to everyone involved in helping us at Urban Art 2012.

‘This proved to be our best year ever, and despite the weather and tube closure on Saturday we still managed to raise £880.98 for each of our four charity partners.

‘Time and Leisure can take much of the credit for this, because without the extra publicity we would not have had as many visitors.

‘So again, many many thanks; your hard work is much appreciated by the charities, local community, artists and visitors.

‘All the best.’

Tim Sutton, Event Organiser

‘Dear Stephen, Thanks for the great strategical advertising ideas gained through joint efforts during our meetings!

‘The advertising/offer have proved very popular With our customers! We can even tally the great response as People are bringing in the ad to obtain validation of the Wine offer! Pictures are also great as our customers are Ordering our houses dishes by phone due to the images on the advert!

‘It's true what they say "people eat through their eyes" thanks for the Power of visual perception!’

Marie Capontes, La Familia Restaurant

‘As Festival Director of the International Wimbledon Music Festival I am delighted to be able to support Time & Leisure for a community award, and can do so whole-heartedly

‘I consider T&L the single most important publication, both in print and by email, keeping the community of South West London informed of social and cultural events.

‘I believe that the Festival that I run could not have achieved the success that it has without the encouragement and support of Tony Kane and the editorial team.  Responses to our Festival questionnaire last year showed that T&L  was the most significant way people had heard about the Festival.

‘I am proud that T&L have become our media partners, and we have been well supported not only with listings but regular editorial articles.  It is a quality production, promoted by an editor who really cares about the community, and serves that community proud.’

Anthony Wilkinson, Festival Director, Wimbledon Music Festival

‘Just before Christmas we placed a pre-opening teaser full page advertisement with Time and Leisure for our new bar and brasserie due to open in Kingston. There was a very simple call to action on there for people just to email us with there interest.

‘Having done this before with other publications we imagined this would help awareness in the area but doubted we would get much response.

‘I can honestly say that we were inundated with emails from Time and leisure readers and almost filled the event before we even started any other campaigns. My message is this – Don’t ever underestimate the power that paper advertising still has or the distribution promise and support you get from the team at Time and Leisure!’

Annie Hoy Director of Pub PR - February 2011

‘I thought I would send you an email to let you know how happy we are with our advertising with Time and Leisure.

‘Since opening our showroom some 18 months ago, the only advertising that seems to bring the calls in is your magazine, we have tried everything from radio, newspaper, local leaflet and mail shots.

‘In fact since we had such a positive response to our advert, we then started placing ads in the Wimbledon magazine, and although we have only had this for a couple of months we have already received numerous calls.

‘Every time I call everyone seems very helpful and more than willing to make amendments or discuss matters with us.

‘I will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs to advertise their business.’

Julia Joy, Lifestyle, Surbiton

‘Time & Leisure have really helped me to grow my business. The recent campaign including a leading ladies advertorial has been by far the most effective advertising I have done since launching my business almost 3 years ago. I have had over 6 brand new clients from the advertorial alone.’

Lucie White, Lucie White & Co.

‘We have had 6 very serious enquiries for wedding bookings in the first week of our advert being seen. Excellent value for money’

Mike Logue, Pryors Bank, Bishops Park

‘We monitored our advert very closely and had 25 vouchers back for our Jurassic Golf attraction within a day of the magazines starting to be delivered as well as 20 customers for our driving range. Brilliant’

Martyn Cole, World of Golf

‘Dear Tony, I’ve already had two or three emails, and a couple of calls all saying “Time & Leisure have done you proud”. And you have. Not only an excellent piece with John Sessions - but an effective and striking layout. Many Thanks.’

Anthony Wilkinson, Director
Wimbledon International Music Festival
Time & Leisure is the festival’s 2010 Media Partner

‘Since we launched our new 'Simply' meal offer campaign in the May edition we have seen nearly 2500 extra diners in our restaurant.

‘When the magazine comes out each month, the phone rings with Time & Leisure readers looking to take advantage of the offer. The advert has a clear message promoting the Simply 2 for £29 meal offer, in fact the actual average spend has been nearly double the advertised meal offer price.

‘The 'Simply' meal campaign which has proved to be a huge success for us and the offer has proved to be a great way to succeed during these difficult financial times.’

Jeff Ward, General Manager
Cannizaro House
Wimbledon, London

‘I have personally gone through all of the vouchers and can honestly say that 90% of them have been Time & Leisure readers. The offer changed in June and has continued to follow the same success with 90% of the vouchers being from Time & Leisure readers.

‘Jeff and I have both worked well with Time & Leisure in the 3 years we have been at Cannizaro House and always found their team helpful, efficient and willing to offer that little extra help whether it be with editorial pieces, advice on a promotion that we have in mind or with copy.

I have no hesitations in recommending them as a great, no actually, excellent source for advertising.’

Isabel Hargreaves, Sales & Marketing Manager
Cannizaro House
Wimbledon, London

‘Hi Mandy, Just wanted to write to you to say thank you for all your help in the advertisement of my Mobile Hairdressing Business.

I am so glad I took your advice to repeat the advert for a few months as it really gained clients confidence seeing my advert more than once.

‘All the clients I have taken on from this advert have commented on the fact that they like the magazine and always keep it through to the next issue being delivered. I am sure this has played a huge part in the large number of new clients I have gained during the months the advert was in the magazine.’

‘Thanks again for all your help and assistance.’

Catherine Tingle
Kingston, Surrey

‘Time & Leisure proved to be the best external source of advertising. Our campaign advertising competition produced the following breakdown of response:

‘56% from in-centre posters and email marketing/newsletter
28% from Time & Leisure
16% from newspaper, radio, other local magazine, other activity’

Sam Brown, Centre Court
Wimbledon, London

‘To everyone at Time & Leisure Magazine, I would just like to say how delighted I have been with the response to my advertisement in the May issue of Wimbledon Time and Leisure.

This was my first advert with the magazine and after less than 2 weeks I have already had three appointments.

‘I had an excellent Ad Workshop with Lucy, with lots of help and information. Meeting other advertisers in a similar position was a highlight and getting their feedback was invaluable. I would highly recommend that others attend this workshop.

‘Thank you again for all your help and support.’

Sara Carter

‘We have advertised ever since the very first issue and have been very pleased with the response. We have recommended Time & Leisure to lots of other local companies that we know.’

Muddy Wellies
Wimbledon, London

‘Following the editorial and advertisement that we placed in the last edition of Time & Leisure Wimbledon we were impressed with the level of response that we have received.

‘As the response was well above our expectations we will definitely take advertising space in the future.’

Hamptons International
Wimbledon and Fulham, London

‘The magazine looks great, certainly beats anything else available around here! Congratulations to all the team for producing such a well-designed title.

People have come in and told me about it and said I should advertise and a couple of people have already bought as a result of the feature.’

Ann Cox, Atmosphere Fabrics
Clapham, London

‘I would like to thank Kate and all the folks at Time & Leisure for all their help over the past 18 months. On starting our business we had no idea how to expand our client base. In order to do so we researched all the local mags for SW London.

‘A few friends recommended Time & Leisure mag. We have had over the past 18 months a fantastic response to our monthly advert. I can only hope that all new and old businesses who are looking for a good advertising platform do what we did and advertise with Time & Leisure.

‘You will not regret it.’

Paula Lamb

‘Hi Mandy, I won't be doing any more advertising until the winter. The advertising so far has got us booked up for the whole summer which I am delighted with. Many thanks.’

Nick Duguid, Vine Landscapes
Wimbledon, London

‘I would like to thank you for getting in touch about placing an advert in Time & Leisure magazine. I am pleased to inform you that it has already been a success.

In only a few days I have had around 200 people contact me. The phone does not stop going!

‘I hope with your help my new venture will be a success and I look forward to welcoming you to the studio very soon.

‘I will definitely be placing another advert in coming months and I would appreciate it if you contact me again if you ever have any space to do a feature on my yoga studio. Thanks again.’

Olga Allon, Hot Bikram Yoga
Fulham, London

‘Time & Leisure has really started to help us out here at the Norbiton and Dragon. Quite a lot of vouchers are coming through and it's great that we can change our advert month to month with what's changing in our pubs. Great.’

Carl, Norbiton and Dragon
Kingston, Surrey

‘We've had 10 responses in the first week, 5 of them were new customers, and the first response was from Wandsworth - just 2 hours after distribution started!’

Rathan Sippy, Wimbledon Books & Music

‘Just wanted to thank you for a great job. I picked up the copy you sent me today but was able to get a hard copy from the hospital earlier.

Already 3 enquiries, 2 of them already booked in for Botox.’

Dr Abbad Toma, The London & Surrey Nose Clinic
Wimbledon, London

‘I have a medium Classified every month throughout the year, on a bad month I receive 15 calls, on a good month over 25 calls.’

Get Someone In
Wimbledon, London

‘Have just converted a modest enquiry from distant Wandsworth as a specific result of someone spotting the beams in our photo/ad in 'some magazine or other'.

‘Well done T&L!’

Simon Pole, Pole Structural Engineers
Wimbledon, London

‘We are planning to make this an annual event and I would not hesitate to advertise with Time & Leisure again. Thanks for being so easy to work with. Will be in touch.’

Catherine Everest, Hampton Court House Wedding Fair

‘We have already had several enquiries for tickets and they are not printed and we have nothing up on our website; the power of advertising and using the right media!’

Paul Campbell, Hampton Open Air Pool Summer Concerts

‘I would like to use this opportunity to thank you for including my advert in your magazine. It seems the magazine is more exposed than before or could it be the change of the advert.

I have been getting calls, bookings and enquiries. Thank you so much.’

Benita, Cordelia's Clinic
Sutton, Surrey

‘Hi Tania, Cricket for Change have enjoyed working with Time & Leisure Magazine and continue to do so.

‘Working in partnership with a local magazine with such a wide circulation has been very beneficial to us as an organisation particularly in terms of raising our profile as a charity and awareness of the Cricket Centre facility that we have in Wallington.

I can thoroughly recommend working with Time & Leisure to anyone who may be considering it.’

Alasdair Ramsay, Cricket for Change
Wallington, Surrey

‘I have 3 new clients booked in for next week - 2 as a result of the article just out.’

Sharon Powell, Hart Brown Solicitors
Wimbledon, London

‘Dear Caroline, The advertisements in Time and Leisure were a great success, visually they looked wonderful and the amount of interest they raised both for people attending and local companies to support was excellent.

‘I had hoped to get in the region of 300 people visiting and that was exceeded!’

‘Hi Fiona, Just wanted to let you know we have had a fantastic response from the Time & Leisure front covers, including phone calls from people saying how impressed they are with it as well as sales of the limited edition prints.’

Fran Maxted, Trinity Hospice
Clapham, London

‘I would also like to thank you for your proactive help in setting up the advert, we have had an excellent response to the ad and look forward to working with yourself and Time & Leisure in the future.’

Ashley Starkey, Vaillant
Cheam, Surrey