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Cash in Your Attic

Are any of these childhood relics sitting, gathering dust in your attic? If so, you could be in for a surprise about how much they are worth today...

Harry Potter books

First editions of old books often fetch a high price, however this book is only 20 years old this year. If you have a hardcover, first edition copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone gathering dust on a bookshelf, it could now be worth up to $55,000. Early editions of the other books in the series also fetch a high price, so it’s well worth having a look.
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Not all Lego will fetch you money, but some of the pieces are collectibles, such as Superhero Lego minifigures or the set for the Star Wars Millenium Falcon. Harry Potter collections can also earn you a bit of money now - but they might be worth saving for a few more years.
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Old Comic Books

Before they get tossed in the recycling, make sure you have a check to see if you have a rare comic from your childhood. The first edition of the Beano, launched in 1938, can fetch thousands (there’s only 20 left in the world), and Beano and Dandy comics from the war years are popular with collectors due to their propaganda appeal and due to the scarcity of paper at the time, meaning fewer were printed. Other comic annuals also fetch a fair price - good condition Rupert Annuals can be worth up to £2,000.

Pokemon Cards

A few cards in particular are now worth a lot of money – especially when you compare them to the few pence they cost when you originally bought them. A 1st edition, holographic (a.k.a ‘shiny’ or ‘holo’), shadowless Charizard card is currently on ebay for nearly $6,000. For a step-by-step guide to see if any of your old Pokemon cards are valuable, see this page.

PEZ dispensers

Feet or no feet, some vintage PEZ dispensers are worth a startling amount of money. At the time of writing, a cardboard PEZ counter-top display box, empty, is being sold on ebay for $350...

Cash in Your Attic