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The perfect Christmas cheeseboard

We asked Tony Chuck at the Teddington Cheese how it’s done….

1.Go for four or five different cheeses, covering hard, soft and blue and aim for a variety of different milk types. We also like to include a ‘show-stopper’ that gets everyone talking – this might be a particularly smelly cheese, or one with an interesting back story.

2.Our top cheese recommendations for Christmas 2018 are:
Vintage Lincolnshire Poacher – a specially selected 30 month old cheddar style cheese, which is sure to be popular with all the family
Cirone – a three and half year-old Swiss gruyere style cheese, that has a sophisticated, nutty flavour that develops in the mouth: Cremet – a delicate goat’s cheese from Devon enriched with double cream, a real Christmassy indulgence.
Bufala affinato al Glera – a hard buffalo cheese, with a subtle flavour, marinated in the marc of the Italian glera grape, which is used to make prosecco
Lanark Blue – a full flavoured ewe’s milk blue cheese from the Errington family in Scotland

3.And the perfect accompaniments
Honey  - to go with blue cheese, especially our famous scooping gorgonzola – providing a sweetness to contrast with the saltiness of the blue cheese
Biscuits – we always prefer biscuits which don’t try to be the star of the show. Favourites include: wheat wafers, oatcakes, charcoal wafers (their dark colour provide an interesting contrast to the cheese)
Figs – like honey, they provide a sweetness to complement the cheese, and can be served either in concentrated puree format or as intensely flavoured baked fig balls