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Picture Preference

Sometimes, the easiest way to change the makeup of your home without too much effort or financial investment, is to focus on changing smaller details, like the soft furnishings, furniture or as we explain here, by creating a new display of artwork or family photographs. Read on to discover how best to revive your home by displaying your favourite artworks and photographs using these top tips.

Keep it informal

You don’t want your display to look too contrived. This is, after all, a home rather than an art gallery, so for a warmer, more informal feel in your sitting room, put the OCD to one side and replace regimented rows with creative clusters. For this sort of treatment, it’s best to have a central focal point of one bigger frame and then work outwards, filling the surrounding space with smaller, different-sized frames.


Finally, last but not least, another important factor to consider is the framing of your works. Remember that the frame should enhance the painting or photograph, rather than dominate the piece, allowing the subject matter to take centre stage. It should also complement the surrounding décor and furniture in the room.

Look after your paintings

Avoid hanging your artwork in direct sunlight, above a working fireplace or in a damp area. Excessive dryness, humidity, heat or cold could cause a canvas to pucker or paint to crack.

Choose wisely

Whatever treatment you go for in the presentation of your collection, the most important thing is that you love each and every artwork. That way, if you stay true to your own tastes, there’s every chance that your pictures will work together, however you choose to hang them.

Picture Preference