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Sophie Conran

Your favourite things about Christmas?
There are so many things I love about Christmas! Because of the Sophie Conran Shop we do Christmas a year ahead, so we are learning from the Christmas that we are in. On a personal level I love all the planning. I am an avid list maker! I love the prepping, sharing the tasks, devising the menus, planning the decorations, buying presents and filling stockings.

I don’t particularly see it as a Christian thing – it is much deeper than that. Essentially it is a celebration of the coming of light, and our version of the Pagan celebration of Yule. It is a lovely opportunity to transport you to a positive happy place at the time of year when days are dark, and short. Fill it with light! It is so cosy and warming, with the coming together of people sharing in all the things that are good about life.

How will you spend Christmas?
This year we will be in the country at home. There will be about 10 of us. In the run up there will be lots of decorating, hiding and rustling of wrapping paper, sharing out tasks, cooking, getting out all of the best linen, napkins, and glasses and making it a special day. On the day itself we always go for walks, play Scrabble, and enjoy lots of lovely food.

Any key trends for this year?
Crowns! We have some lovely crown tree toppers and candle holders which are proving fantastically popular. We are also seeing lots of chic, textured candles. We sell some great bundles of coloured candles which are tonal; lots of metallic, gold and cool silver together. Also there are lots of fruit and flowers coming through, instead of traditional tinsel, baubles and icicles. Try some gorgeous big blooms and sparkly fruit which look great either in a garland or on the tree.