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Interview with Amanda Lamb

A Place in the Sun Live is coming to London’s Olympia in May. We speak to TV personality and Twickenham local Amanda Lamb to find out what the show is all about and her tips for buying property overseas.

Tell us about the exhibition...
Well, we think it’s a way of bringing everything the TV show is about right to the heart of London. Instead of jetting off to look round properties overseas and speaking to estate agents and lawyers, we get them all to bring their expertise to Olympia. This way, anyone considering buying an overseas property can learn a lot of what’s involved in a short space of time, without leaving the UK. Obviously if you decide to take it further you need to go out and visit, but this is a great place to get started.

What countries do you predict will be the most popular destinations among wannabe expats and holiday home buyers?
Spain, Spain, Spain! This country has been a favourite amongst us Brits for years now and the stats show that this will continue to be the case in the years to come. The Costa Blanca, Costa del Sol and Almeria regions are now becoming the places to be, and buy!

If Spain isn’t your thing then France, Portugal and Italy are also great, and there really are some fabulous properties for sale if you look hard enough. Take a look at

Why do you think there is such demand to buy overseas property?
Truthfully, I think the desire has always been there but we haven’t been able to access many places in the past as we can today. Thanks to cheap flights we’re a lot more travelled which naturally gives people a taste of the good life! People are also realising now that they can get a lot more for their cash if they buy abroad, and even make some money with rental income.

Have you noticed a change in demand in the aftermath of Brexit?
Brexit has inevitably stalled plans for some but certainly not everyone, and positive signs are showing for us all. I think it was last October that Spain pledged that British expats wouldn’t face any disruption post-Brexit.

So, it’s probably no surprise that we accounted for more purchases in Spain than any other nation last year. It’s also just been revealed that France is now the top choice for Brits relocating with their children.

What are the pros and cons of buying abroad?
I find this quite subjective as it all depends on the individual looking to buy abroad, but there are certainly a lot more pros than cons!

The pros – generally - are more sunshine, great food, culture and your very own home from home. You can nip over there without packing a lot and when you’re not there, you can let your property out commercially or just to friends and family. Then when you retire, you can spend as long as you like there.

What will be the highlight of the show?
Meeting me and the other presenters of course! Jasmine Harman, Jonnie Irwin and Laura Hamilton are also around over the weekend. Seriously though, the seminar content is very useful for anyone starting out and there is a lot of different sessions over the three days.

And don’t be shy, these exhibitors have come to meet people like you, so don’t be afraid of asking the questions you want answered.

What in your opinion is the most liveable destination?
That’s a really hard one because there are loads of wonderful places to buy abroad, but once again it’s all down to your taste. Spain has great beaches, France has quaint countryside cottages and Florida is well, Florida! Just make sure you do your research beforehand and make sure where you buy is really for you!

But back to the original question. I own a property in Puglia (Italy) which I love! I adore the food, laid-back lifestyle and stunning scenery, and it’s not too far to get to from my home in Twickenham – less than three hours by plane.

Amanda Lamb will be making a guest appearance at A Place in the Sun Live at Olympia London between 11-13 May.

Free tickets are available here: