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James Stewart

Tune into Heart FM and you’ll hear the dulcet tones of rising star James Stewart who hosts his regular Feel Good Weekend shows. And, while the radio presenter is making a name for himself over the airwaves, he’s also taking the digital world by storm, too. He loves fashion and grooming – and with this passion, has gathered an army of fans (some 20K followers) who love to follow his style.

“I’m not really the change-the-world-type but I am someone who likes to make fashion an accessible thing. Fashion can be quite intimidating,” he tells me. “That’s really how I got into fashion and grooming, as I was on social media and Googling stuff to wear to a wedding. And there were just so many options for females and lots of content about how to dress and I thought to myself: ‘Hang on a minute! There are very few men who are doing this’. And I’m a bit clueless and need some help!”

So what would James’ advice be to men who are looking to make a style change – or not sure where to even begin. “The key to it all is not over complicating it and dressing how you feel comfortable,” he states. “You can try and replicate someone you think is cool, but chances are you’ll have a different body shape, so just dress the way you feel that will make you feel confident. The simpler, the better.”

When we chat, James is open and funny – it’s like sitting down to catch up with an old friend. But then, there’s a natural charisma to the presenter, who admits that it’s taken years of hard work in the industry to come this far and is ‘not an experience he’d like to repeat’, even though it has all worked out well. “I started doing PR and made my contacts from the inside out,” he explains. “And while I was at university, I would come down to London in the summers and be a runner. That’s what I did and it wasn’t easy.”

Was there one thing he bought himself when he decided he finally deserved a treat for all his hard work? “I always thought, if it all went well, I really want a Burberry trench coat. So I did and it was quite expensive and I don’t often wear it. But I love it,” says James, who grew up near Guildford in Surrey, but now lives in Clapham. “But I do have staples in my wardrobe. I’m not a big wearer of jeans. I like a trouser. I’m actually of two extremes – I’m either in trackies or trousers and don’t really have an in-between. I like wearing a wool-blend trouser with a t-shirt and good trainers. Plus I also love the high street brands. I’m doing a lot of work with Reiss at the moment and I’m obsessed by them.”

Since gaining notoriety for his grooming and fashion influence, James has been busy working with several different brands and is a regular on the London fashion circuit. But when I ask him what new projects he has coming up, he remains tight-lipped. “I’ve got so many exciting plans coming up as well as a new TV show in the pipeline but I can’t reveal them just yet,” he tells me.

But can he reveal how he manages to stay looking so good even though he has to do the night shift over the weekends? “Don’t laugh at this,” he says. “But I always use a tinted moisturiser with a bit of fake tan in it, especially with my job. It really helps me look like I’m not dead! And I would say the key to this whole grooming thing is to use a great aftershave that is unique to you. It’s such a good conversation starter!”.

Listen to James Stewart on Heart, Sundays and Sundays 1am-6am; Follow james_stew on Instagram