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Sian Welby

Heart radio presenter and TV personality Sian Welby has interviewed everyone from Sam Smith to Pink, gone backstage at the Brit Awards and survived a tricky red carpet moment with Daniel Craig. Midlands born and now a Balham local, she hosts her own show on Heart radio and explains why she is now a south west London girl through and through.

Who have you loved interviewing?
Oh god, I’ve been so lucky, we have great guests come on the show every week. My first ever interview was with Ed Sheeran and I was bricking it! I had worked with celebs and stuff before but radio is different – every word counts and it was literally two weeks into the job at Heart. Ed came in to the studio and he was so nice and it was actually just like chatting to a mate in the pub. He was honestly so down to earth.

Didn’t you famously electrocute actor Chris Pratt live on air?
I mean, I had these little buzzer things that shocked the wearer and I told Chris Pratt that I wanted to electrocute him live on air and he looked at me and he looked at his people and he was like “Seriously?” I told him that he could electrocute me back and he was laughing and saying he couldn’t do it. But we did and it was so funny. I always like to do something fun with my guests. With Ed Sheeran we ended up playing his hit Shape of You on the kazoo and it was brilliant. Most guests want to have fun and it’s always harmless funny stuff.

What’s Sam Smith like in person?
He was another guest I instantly liked. We just we both clicked and we had a really similar sense of humour. In the first 30 seconds of an interview you’re just trying to suss them out – are they shy, are they sensitive, are they in a bad mood, can I be funny with them? With Sam Smith we were laughing even before we were on air. He was meant to be resting his voice but we did a game where he had to finish the lyrics to songs and by the end of it we were both belting out I’m Every Woman by Whitney Houston.

Any awkward moments on air?
Touch wood not really. Even your Hollywood A-listers are pretty game. You know I’ve got a lot of respect for these guys because they know as much as something can seem like a bit of fun it can soon become a headline somewhere.

What about on the red carpet?
At one premier Daniel Craig was coming down the line and the guy before me asked him if it was a dream come true to finally work with Steven Spielberg – I knew Daniel had already worked with Spielberg before and I just thought, ‘Oh no’. Daniel Craig was so annoyed with the reporter for not doing their homework, and I was just thinking, ‘oh god I’ve got to speak to him next’. I knew I had to break the ice so as he came to me I asked, “So have you ever worked with Steven Spielberg?” and luckily he cracked up and I thought ‘thank God’.

Where’s home now?
I moved to London in my 20s. I’ve just moved to Balham but I’ve always lived in south London – I started off in Lavender Hill in Clapham with four mates and it was like something out of Friends. I moved to Balham with my boyfriend and I really didn’t realise how amazing it was. It’s so good for coffee shops and brunch

Where do you like going out nearby?
I love sitting outside and people watching. Megan’s On The Hill is so nice and does a really great twist on brunch. I like it because you feel like you can eat a bit healthier there as well and you can get good veggie dishes.

Sian Welby presents on Heart, Monday to Thursday from 7pm – 10pm and Sundays 9am – 12pm.