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South West London Quiz

So you think you know south west London? Take our trivia quiz to find out.

1. Approximately how many trains pass through Clapham Junction railway station every day

A: 2,000
B: 750
C: 3,200

2. What south west London or Surrey town was particularly badly bombed during World War II?

A: Cheam
B: Clapham
C: Teddington

3. The first wooden framed Putney Bridge between Putney and Fulham was completed in what year?
A: 1729
B: 1682
C: 1711

4. Ronnie Biggs escaped from Wandsworth prison in 1964 after serving just 15 months for his part in the great train robbery. How much money did his gang steal?

A: £5 million
B: £500,00
C: £2.6 million

5. Which Wimbledon pub had horses stabled behind it in the early 18th century?

A: The Crooked Billet
B: Dog & Fox
C: The Old Frizzle

6. The actor George Cole, snooker player Jimmy White and footballer Darren Bent all hail from which South West London town?

B: Balham
C: Raynes Park

7. Arts and Crafts pioneer William Morris opened a factory at Merton Abbey in what year?

C: 1901

8. Rugby player Lawrence Dallaglio, author Nick Hornby and rock legend Eric Clapton are all alumni of which university?

A: Roehampton
B: Surrey
C: Kingston

1. A: 2,000
2. B: Clapham
3. A: 1729
4. C: £2.6 million
5. B: Dog & Fox
6. A: Tooting
7. A: 1881
8. C: Kingston