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Hugo Fairey, Tuesday 17 July 2018

Over the next couple of years, the application of technology will change the property market beyond recognition.

To look at some of the possible changes coming we asked the prop tech crowdfunding platform Brickowner to take a look at a few of the issues.

Hugo Fairey is Head of Marketing at Brickowner

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Dave Johnson, Monday 19 February 2018

It is set in 1940, after the fall of Britain to an invasion by Nazi Germany.

The book tells the story of Tom and Jeanie and their clandestine adventures, fighting alongside the Home Guard. This has now become a resistance movement to be reckoned with, not the ‘Dads Army’ with which we are familiar...

If Britain Had Fallen by Tony Kane was reviewed by Dave Johnson.

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Ann Carr, Friday 05 January 2018

It doesn't matter if you plan to sell or just want to update your home, it’s not necessary that you break your bank on renovations. With the right planning, it is indeed possible to spruce up your home while sticking to your budget.

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Jehan Yehia, Monday 04 December 2017

The start of your journey to resolving your back will happen when you make that appointment as you are initiating the start of ‘change’. Have you ever noticed that when you book in to see a dentist or hygienist you will automatically start taking more care of your teeth before?

Jehan is an experienced physiotherapist based in Kingston and Surbiton. Her blogs are a mix of her personal and professional experience.

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Janelle Soong, Monday 09 October 2017

Be honest. Are you procrastinating right now? I am.

Perhaps you have an assignment deadline looming in the very near future, or maybe the dishes are piling up in the sink and it won’t be long before you resort to drinking coffee out of a bowl...

Janelle Soong is a pharmacy student, violin teacher and millennial who harbours a profound love for tea and cat videos. She also writes for her blog,; her little corner of the internet dedicated to all things beauty, philosophy and humorous ramblings.

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George Galloway, Thursday 22 June 2017

The night before my journey I had lain curled up on the sofa, an assembly of butterflies lodged in my stomach, wondering why I had chosen to leave behind my life in England.

But nevertheless in the morning I boarded a flight bound for Malaga, where I would catch a train through the mountains of Andalucia to Seville.

Having grown up in deepest darkest Scotland, George graduated in Media & Communications, and promptly escaped to a life on the road. He writes about travel and technology at SIM Tourist

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