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Louise Whelan, Tuesday 12 March 2013

Welcome to the fit8 and Time & Leisure 5k training blog!

Being short and snappy 5k runs are perfect for beginners and seasoned runners or racers alike. No matter what your level of fitness or your size and shape there is no need to feel self-conscious, the fact that you are getting out there is something to be proud of… Remember no matter how slow you are going you are beating the people sitting on the couch!

Louise Whelan is cofounder of fit8. The fit8 and Time & Leisure 5k Run in aid of The Wimbledon Guild will take place at Warren House, 11am on 19 May

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Tony Kane, Friday 22 February 2013

Anyone who is a football fan (and anybody who is not a football fan) will have noticed that when a professional footballer scores a goal he produces a rapturous celebration with much hugging, tugging of the shirt and exaggerated gestures to the crowd.

People not involved in football often get a bit irritated at this, ‘it doesn’t happen in other sports,’ they claim, ‘so why in football, where they get paid trillions of pounds to kick a ball around?’

Tony Kane is founder of Time & Leisure Media Group and editor of the Wimbledon, Wandsworth and Putney editions of Time & Leisure Magazine.

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Jon Watt, Friday 22 February 2013

‘Battersea Creative District’. It’s not a term I’d heard before, but during my tour of the Royal College of Art’s new Battersea campus, I heard it used several times.

What was this mysterious new geographical nomenclature? I’d heard of Silicon Roundabout and Media Circus, but what is this new ‘district’ all about?

Jon Watt is editor of the Clapham & Battersea and Fulham editions of Time & Leisure Magazine.

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Sarah Hodgson, Friday 22 February 2013

This month, as it’s March, we are having a good spring clean within our pages welcoming new names and contributors and bright new features and indeed showing off a bit with posh new paper for our front cover.

We welcome Nicky Hambleton-Jones, tv’s celebrity stylist, who will be updating our wardrobes this month. We’ve built up our What’s On pages so we can bring you even more information about the brilliant stuff that’s going on in our area...

Sarah Hodgson is Editor-in-Chief at Time & Leisure Media Group

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Sarah Hodgson, Friday 22 February 2013

According to Noel Coward’s biographer Sheridan Morley, The Vortex gave Coward ‘as actor and playwright, his name, his reputation and his future’.

The play opened at the Everyman in Hampstead in 1924 where shocked and titillated audiences complained about the journey from central London to the wilds of NW London. Imagine their delight when the play transferred to the West End where it stayed, more comfortably for Coward’s fans, for two years...

Sarah Hodgson is Editor-in-Chief at Time & Leisure Media Group

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Rev. Gilly Pawson, Monday 18 February 2013

Last summer, my husband had a serious cycling road traffic accident.

Fortunately, due to the remarkable response of passers-by, the air ambulance, paramedics and Kings College Hospital, he is back to being fit as a fiddle, after only six months. It’s totally miraculous in my mind. And I do thank God...

The Rev. Gilly Pawson is Associate Priest in the Parish of All Saints and St Mary’s, Putney

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