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As Easy as Pie

This month we are launching our 2013 T&L Food & Drink Awards – this is a chance for you to vote for your favourite eateries and watering holes in the local area.

All you have to do is go online at where you will see the user-friendly instructions guiding you to the categories in which you will find – or can nominate – the venue or business of your choice. There are some fabulous prizes for those who do vote too – AND should your chosen local restaurant succeed and win a prize, the attendant publicity and promotion will ensure its success for a long time to come. It’s important to support your local businesses – and this time your vote really, really does count for something.

Still on food, our tummies are rumbling at the thought of the inaugural Surbiton Food Festival in May when you will uncover the provenance of the Seething Pasty and discover the secrets of the Surbiton Sizzler – as well as find out about lots of other local shaggy hot dog stories. And later in the year there’s our very exciting Kingston Food Festival too with Extreme Food and Chilli Challenges as well as lovely food markets showcasing local produce, children’s fun foodie activities and lots of edible creativity too. To spearhead our culinary issue we have put Michel Roux Snr on the hot spot – he answers our friendly questions with equanimity!

Elsewhere in the magazine, Kevin McCloud graces us with his design ideas, and we take a look at luxury bathrooms as well as the season’s most stylish moodboards and colours. And talking of colour, you know the joke about what’s black and white and red all over? Black and white are this season’s hottest noncolours and we celebrate monochrome in our Style pages – and as for read all over? Well we hope it’s this issue of Time & Leisure of course!

Happy April and see you in May. Don’t forget to vote now at Easy as pie...

Sarah Hodgson is Editor-in-Chief at Time & Leisure Media Group