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Water, water everywhere

I must go down to the sea again; to the lonely sea and sky; I left my shoes and socks there; I wonder if they’re dry…?

Spike Milligan’s words never fail to make us smile, but what a fascinating subject the sea has made for artists through the ages. Its elemental power, changes in mood and colour and its many challenges to man have driven the writer to his pen and the artist to his canvas time and time again.

This month the Imagine Network of artists in Sutton are combining to present music, visual art and dance in homage to the sea - which surrounds us all in the UK, covers so much of The Earth and yet remains largely deep and unfathomable, pardoning the pun, to man. Of course, much of the beauty and elemental power of the sea is found and experienced when man attempts to master it. The collision - or harmony - between man and the sea have inspired artists throughout time. One only has to think of the power of a Turner painting or the music of Debussy and Britten to see how it has been an unending source of inspiration and why it will continue to be, throughout time.

Why not get along to the Imagine Festival events in October to see how one group of artists have been inspired by its many moods and qualities.

From water to wine: October also sees the announcement of the winners of the Time & Leisure Food and Drink Awards 2013. It’s been another extraordinary year for our awards - a staggering 7,485 votes were cast by you the readers. We had a glorious and glittering ceremony to honour the winners attended by Al Crisci, Anton Mosimann and Antonio Carluccio, among others.

Chris Wood is resident composer with Guest House Opera and editor of Epsom, Sutton and Cheam Time & Leisure.