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Nellie the elephant

There’s something about a circus that gets the imagination soaring.

It’s magical and mysterious, but earthy and rough too. There’s is delight, amazement and joy - but a sadness in the painted faces of the clowns. It’s ancient and time-honoured as an art form, and as frivolously delightful as Candy Floss and ice cream.

Having witnessed the aerial artistes in their dynamic beauty at the circus, we have all tried to fly once back at home, although in my case, the resonance was more with Nellie the Elephant than trapeze acrobat. I’ve always admired Nellie actually, at least she really did pack her trunk and run away with the circus, rather than dreaming about it.

Well, roll up, roll up and roll on November cos the circus really is coming to town in the form of the Rose theatre’s Christmas show The Snow Gorilla. This is an amazing collaboration between the Rose - with all its storytelling skills and traditions of fine acting - and Steve Bor who is a real circus artist himself. You can read more about this extraordinary joint creation in our interview with the lead actress, Lucy Hope-Borne who is also on our cover this month.

The Rose is going to be transformed into a Big Top with aerial acts, juggling and contortionists - and so watch out for all sorts of Circus-related activities throughout Kingston, especially on 14 November when the cast will be turning on the Christmas Lights in Kingston with Santa and the Mayor...

Elsewhere this month we are getting a fix on Christmas with some great shopping dates and opportunities - including a fab exclusive night at Bentalls where you will get discounts and goodies galore - on 4 December. Plus we’ve started a Christmas Countdown highlighting all the events we know about taking place between now and Christmas - we’ve listed all the services at All Saints where you can truly experience the spirit of Christmas in its purest form.

Christmas is one of those things you’ve just got to start early - so we’re breaking the ice for you. Enjoy the countdown and see you in December.

Sarah Hodgson is Editor-in-Chief at Time & Leisure Media Group