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Christmas Ancient and Modern

A straw poll in the T&L offices revealed we are just a load of all softies when it comes to tradition at Christmas.

Trees – the real, living variety that sheds its needles vs the one in a box that comes pre-lit? Cake - proper Christmas cake with icing and marzipan that no one eats or the latest foodie fun cake? Entertainment - a great local, family show for the kids vs a trip to Disneyland? And Christmas cards - the paper variety, very environmentally unfriendly, timeconsuming and expensive vs Christmas e-cards, press send to all.

To a man, we all went traditional and the last provoked the greatest debate. E-cards received the real thumbs down. One colleague said: ‘Checking my emails is already the most tedious job that I go through each day. It is a cloud that hangs over me and to find an impersonal message from friend, relative or acquaintance wishing me happiness does nothing to improve my mood. It almost seems an insult that people cannot be bothered to go to the trouble of writing and posting a card.’

I do welcome the knock of the postman, delivering bundles of Christmas cards from close friends or people I have almost lost touch with. I care that somebody has gone to the trouble of writing the card in fountain pen, biro or pencil and of finding a post box (while they still exist). I also love hanging all the REAL Christmas cards in my hallway – untidy and cluttery? Yes. Christmassy? Very.

If however you do send e-cards on a well-judged eco principle, I will be happy to hear from you in any shape or form. I would rather hear from you than not and the thought that you are thinking about me is cheering. As Oscar Wilde almost said ‘It’s bad enough being thought about, but not being thought about is far worse.’

Have a wonderful Christmas whether you go traditional or contemporary – or probably a mix of both.

Sarah Hodgson is Editor-in-Chief at Time & Leisure Media Group