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A Perfect Ten

2014 marks the 10th anniversary of Kingston Time & Leisure.

Our actual birthday falls in the autumn but we are starting early and making a whole year of it. Established, fresh and confident, ten is a great age for a publication. And we want to celebrate with you: our readers, clients and friends.

Each issue in 2014 will contain a ‘TEN’ idea - it might be an editorial feature (Ten years of Fashion and Style in Kingston), a reader offer (a special deal for a Tenner), a celebration of a business or an event that’s been going strong for ten years. We will be asking all businesses who were with us at our start to join in and help us all celebrate ten great years in Kingston. And whilst we nod respectfully to our past, we also will be looking forward to our next ten years, looking at fledgling businesses and wishing them well as they launch from the nest!

We are asking readers to capture the number 10 or word ten in painting and photography (see our competitions section). This can be a number formed in the sky, shaped in a building on a wall, hidden in a secret place only you know or on a front door as a local Number Ten - all that we ask is that the image clearly represents TEN, 10 or X in a setting that is recognisably local. After that it’s up to you.

If you are involved in an art exhibition of ten pictures, we want to know. If your theatre or school is showing a play with the word ten in it, you should be quick to let us know. Every idea and fun suggestion will be worthy of consideration, especially other 10th birthdays.

To kick off the celebrations, we have joined forces with Kingstonbased charity Momentum who is our nominated charity this year. Momentum is also ten in 2014 and we will be covering their story as the year progresses.

Happy New Year, Happy 2014 and Happy 10th Birthday to T&L.

Sarah Hodgson is Editor-in-Chief at Time & Leisure Media Group