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Bedroom or Kitchen – Where’s Your Hub

Some of the world’s greatest inventions are born when a few people sit round a kitchen table and have a lightbulb moment.

Indeed, Time & Leisure is the product of one of those moments. And so too is local charity Momentum. This year, T&L Kingston is ten. We share our tenth birthday with Momentum, and like all good ten year olds we are sharing the celebrations. So this month we kick off with an interview with Bianca Effemey, Momentum’s founder, who tells us how she set about creating the charity whilst sitting round that creative source, the Kitchen Table.

We all tend to think of the kitchen as the hub of the home - and indeed interior designers are full of brilliant ideas to keep this essential room the heart of family life. But it seems, according to a survey conducted by The Sleep Council, that the bedroom is not far behind. No longer are we using our bedrooms solely for sleep. Nor indeed for love and cuddles, sadly. But as we all surf the web and shop online from our beds, and make our social arrangements with our chums via social media, it seems the reins of power and decision making are moving into that room. I was about to write that I heartily disapprove even of having a telly in one’s bedroom - I once dabbled with Feng Shui - and that the bedroom should be sleep focussed so that we can switch off and relax, or at least give ourselves every chance to. But I must be honest. I am writing this editor’s letter in my bed. And indeed a lot of my best creative thinking is done when my head hits the pillow.

Brainstorming in the bedroom? Perhaps T&L won’t mind if I bring some duvets and a pillow or two into the office. It could catch on. You might ring up one day and ask to speak to the Editor only to be told she’s in bed with the MD. Interior designers will be flocking to my door to get ideas for the bedroom come boardroom hub concept. This might be my lightbulb moment. Dream on. Have a wonderfully creative February.

Sarah Hodgson is Editor-in-Chief at Time & Leisure Media Group