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Life together

I don’t think Michael and I ever thought we were the romantic types until we got together, probably a spontaneous reaction to finally meeting the right person.

Now that we have two children, we recognise that romance and showing love is sometimes a much needed requirement and less of a cliché if you want to keep the sparks flying in a relationship. Fear not though, all is well in the Underwood household!

We eloped to New York for our wedding and got married on a snowy 27th December. It was just magical and it seemed like we were on the set of a Hollywood film. It was so special. Michael and I have no regrets about it and when people ask, we simply say weddings are about two people making a commitment to one another. So we recently celebrated our anniversary and marked the occasion with a fancy restaurant in London, STK to be specific, as we ate in that same restaurant in New York the night before we tied the knot. We had a fantastic time and were able to have a good old chinwag over a few cocktails, just like we used to when we first got together.

At the end of the day, love develops and changes over the years and sometimes those gestures just take a little bit more effort. That’s why we love Valentine’s Day. Yes it is commercial and yes, we understand some people believe showing ‘love’ shouldn’t be marked by one day in the year, but let’s face it, some folk do need a kick up the derriere to make sure their partner gets the attention they deserve. So book that table or go buy that gift and make the special person in your life feel amazing! That’s what we’re going to do for each other and we can’t wait to celebrate the fact that we are together.

Angellica Bell is a TV presenter living in Kingston