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Refresh Our Resolutions

Throughout January we had good intentions of getting back on track with our fitness and starting the new year cleansed from all our over indulging.

Sadly though, we hang our heads in shame and have to admit, it didn’t quite go to plan. Some of our friends went ‘dry’ for the month, others gave up bread and refined sugars, and the rest of us didn’t bother doing anything. It’s been slow and steady, but we’re finally kicking our lazy habits and rediscovering our will power. It’s all very well having a healthy January, but what’s the point if you’re going to spend the next eleven months ruining all your hard work? It has to be a total lifestyle change which can be very difficult with two young children and a freelance job. Not that we’re making excuses, but if there’s temptation all around you, it can be tricky to enjoy the salad and water you’re about to have for lunch.

Thankfully, our Virgin Active membership has been great, not only because it gets us out of the house for an hour, but it also gives us a real focus and helps us set training goals which we both need. That being said, there’s something very frustrating about turning up at the gym and seeing everyone there is already super fit and healthy. Where are all the out of shape people trying to lose a few pounds? It can’t just be us, surely?

As an extra incentive we have both set ourselves goals to keep on the straight and narrow. My wife has arranged for me to take part in Ride London 2014. There’s no way out of this 100 mile cycle event, so I have no alternative but to get into shape and on my bike. Angellica has decided The Great North Run will be her big challenge, albeit for the sixth time. Wish us luck because we’re going to need it.

Angellica Bell is a TV presenter living in Kingston