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New Vigour

Well, we have had a fantastic Christmas and we hope you did too.

One thing we will never forget is the excitement and joy that we saw on our children’s faces when they came running down on 1 December to find the house transformed. It’s been a month of anticipation for them and one of good food and indulgence for us. And so it should be.

We have never been one for abstinence but also believe in a good balance for a productive, enriched life. No one can escape the fact that time waits for no man and before you know it, you’re back to reality and the cogs of the routine start moving again slowly but surely.

The New Year is always positive for us, or should I say Angellica. When we first got together she introduced me to her New Year’s Eve ‘ritual’ which she does every year on 31 December just before midnight. In her defence, she’s never forced me to get involved, but I have to admit she managed to convert cynical old me. I’m probably building up too much, but basically the ‘ritual’ involves writing a wish on a piece of paper, placing it in an envelope and setting fire to it. The ashes and your wish then disappear into the ether to come true over the coming months…hopefully. I have to point out I didn’t magically lose 14 pounds in weight during 2014. Well I did and then it magically came back on.

So, it looks like we’re heading back to the gym in 2015, as our healthy lifestyle kicks back into action. We totally believe a healthy body equals a healthy mind; therefore our festive gluttony must sadly come to an end. We are guessing many of you out there can relate to this too. So in a group effort, let’s get our trainers on, cut back on the calories and stick to it for the rest of the year. Here’s to a happy and healthy new year to us all.

Michael Underwood is a TV presenter living in Kingston