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The count down to our new Food Festival

Hi, I’m Noemi and I work in the events team in Battersea Park.

Battersea Lifestyle courtesy of Sambrooks BreweryWhat a start to the summer! There’s so much going on locally and nationally, so much on people’s minds and in their diaries that it doesn’t really feel like summer is here yet. Let’s be honest, the weather hasn’t helped much! Remember in school, how excited you’d get for the summer holidays at the end of term? Can we get that excitement back, please?!

For me in the office, the park is very busy as I write this, with a set up for a very large event we have coming up (no comments from me, it’s a divisive issue!) We’ve got our heads down doing some serious event-ing; we’re at risk of the summer passing us by! The joy of working in events means very little time off during peak season – indeed, it comes with the job – but there’s a yummy silver lining on the summer scattered clouds…

We have our fingers crossed already for the glorious sunshine to come out on the 30th and 31st July to bless us and all the people that are working hard since day one to make our new event, Foodstock, happen. So, while business in the park continues as usual, our new Foodstock event is on the horizon and we’re only a month away!
We’ve been asked: why a food festival? I thought Battersea Park already had one? Doesn’t London have enough foodie pop-ups and super trendy exhibitions with a massive corporate sponsor? Well, that’s exactly why the team and I wanted to start up this event, to try and break the trend.

One thing that makes me proud to be a Londoner is the mini communities of support and creativity you find all over, normally once you step outside Zone 1. I live and work in Wandsworth, and it’s so important and special to me to see so many local and independent businesses all over the borough, whenever I go out. They’re spread out in markets and high streets, gourmet and specialist pop-ups trying to reach new audiences and find their niches. There’s street food, creative projects and partnerships, some beautiful things being crafted and some really passionate people behind it all.

Then there’s the park: I work here, I hang out here with my friends, and I almost live here when the hectic event season starts, so I know what I’m talking about when I say this park is like my own awesome back garden! Not to mention the fact that you can play mini golf, climb trees, go boating on the lake, visit the zoo, meditate at the pagoda, or even get married here! Or you could just relax and chill on the grass with a glass of bubbly and some snacks – actually no glass is allowed in the park, oops!

We had the opportunity to bring some of these incredible people and businesses together in one of London’s favourite parks, so of course we jumped at the chance!

So, in the countdown of one month to go until our new food festival, I’m feeling cautiously excited. After I remind myself what it was like waiting for summer holidays as a child. I’ll be taking the opportunity to talk more about how our plans are developing as the final event takes shapes in the next few weeks. You’re unlikely to pin down an event manager for comments and commentary during the run up to their event, normally we’re running around fixing last minute issues and making sure everyone is where they should be, that it looks amazing, and of course that everyone is safe! But I wanted to take this chance to try to talk you through my and our processes, to give you a bit of an insight into what goes on behind the scenes. I’d love to share that with you.

Noemi Antonelli is Events Account Manager for Enable Leisure & Culture

Visit the Foodstock website