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One week to go! Arrghh!

Well, I’m sad to say that this is the final instalment of this blog chronicling my organisational ineptitude and angst-ridden preparations for the Urban Art Fair.

Maria BeadellThe Fair is next week! Yes, I know, what on earth will you read now…? How could anything possibly replace such a riveting weekly post? Fear not, loyal fans, I’ll be able to recount tales to you in person at stand 23Hd at the Fair this Saturday! And if that isn’t enough, you can also catch my musings on various social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter (cue collective sigh of relief/despair…!)

But enough of the shameless self-promotion. What have I been worrying about this week? Well it’s been a pretty manic week work-wise; I’ve been toiling at my teaching day job whilst simultaneously trying to order prints, wires/hooks/glue and various other bits and pieces from DIY shops. Last weekend I attempted a ‘dry run’ at hanging my work at the pitch site, and after several trials and tribulations with wire given to me by a friend; I have decided to stick to glue, hooks and string. I visited the pitch again today to attempt to design the layout that I want on the day and hang the work accordingly. This was officially, the dress rehearsal. It went fairly smoothly, I’m pleased to report, - aside from one of the hooks flying off the corner of one of my larger paintings as I tried to attach it to the railings. But no damage done (phew!)

There was a fair amount of bemused looks from curious passers-by, including a young child who looked rather confused at my interpretation of Disney characters: “Mummy? Why Does Dumbo look like that??” (Apologies to the parents of that child- I hope I haven’t scarred her for life.) I did get approving whoops from some teenagers cruising past in a Fiat though. Swings and roundabouts, eh?

One very confused couple approached me to enquire “Where are all the other artists?” Then looked rather embarrassed when I explained that the Fair was next week, and that I was just overly keen and practising in advance... They must’ve thought they had come to the world’s smallest Art Fair!! If I was so inclined, I would now insert ‘LOL’ as an appropriate way to end this paragraph. Oh look, I’ve done it anyway. LOL.

So after hanging the paintings up, chatting to passers-by and fretting over hooks falling off, I decided to celebrate with a pint then get the bus home and start blogging. My exciting week planned (outside of my teaching hours) consists of gluing and re-gluing hooks onto paintings; making string and wire hangings; collecting prints to be sold at the Fair; and testing out my new chip and pin machine. Woohoo! Now I’m probably going to have a cuppa then do some laundry. Yep. Never a dull moment.

So I’ll see you at the Fair. Stand 23Hd. Don’t worry if you forget the pitch number. I’ll be easy to spot. I’ll be the artist frantically wrestling with wire and glue and/or fending off lawyers representing The Disney Corporation. And hopefully selling a bit of work too.

Maria Beadell is a figurative oil painter based in South London. She paints portraits with a surreal, humourous or sexy twist, and will be exhibiting at Stand 23Hd at the Urban Art Fair.

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