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Increase your property's value on a budget

1.    Give it more light

Replacing dull dining and living room lights with affordable but attractive chandeliers, and replacing ceiling fans and lights blades help improve your property value. As some buyers prefer natural lighting, adding skylights increases your home’s value and demand. While skylights can be fixed or manually controlled, environmentally friendly homes with solar panels and skylights fetch a better rate.

2.    Curb appeal matters

Whatever buyers first see upon entering your property plays an essential part in their final decision. Mowing your lawn, strategically placing shrubs and cleaning the walkway will help improve your curb appeal.
If planting some evergreen shrubs in your front yard is a chore to you, hire a landscaper to do it for you. The new look creates a better impression while increasing the value of the property for sale.

3.    The kitchen - the heart of your home

The kitchen is where you spend lots of time cooking, and where buyers first head when checking a house. All it takes are a few hundred pounds to improve your kitchen appeal. You can replace the kitchen tap set, change cabinet door handles and install brighter, energy-efficient lighting fixtures.

Improving the lighting above your existing kitchen island also helps. Add scones or an LED pendant light for added light and down lights that double as task lights. If affordable, you can also refurbish the cabinets for a well-integrated kitchen and give your kitchen appliances a facelift. Replace all appliances older than ten years old with more of stainless steel as it gives your kitchen a minimalist look.

4.    Inviting bathrooms

Next in line comes the bathroom. Things like replacing the toilet seat, sink, old taps and faded old bathroom tiles by placing vinyl tiles or a sheet over it doesn’t cost much. Sliding bathroom doors and modern vanities also make your bathroom look fresh and spacious.

Resurfacing tacky, chipped and cracked tiling also has a massive impact on your bathroom’s looks. And if your tub is worn out, why not install a prefabricated tub and shower surround? It’s cheaper than re-tiling walls and refinishing the bathtub.

5.    Create an extra room

As four bedroom houses fetch better rates than three bedroom houses, all you need do is add a closet to your den, and it’s transformed into a bedroom.  

6.    Enhance your garden

Trimming hedges, mowing lawns, cleaning paths, adding a few flower pots and removing overhanging branches all enhance your garden, and invite potential homebuyers to like it. A retractable or portable awning or shade sail creates the effect of a pergola, at a much cheaper rate.

7.    Spruce up carpets

Professional carpet cleaning doesn’t cost much but improves carpets in good shape. There's no use spending money replacing worn-out carpeting if you are selling your home as the new homeowner may prefer different carpets. Instead, strategically place area rugs over the severely worn out carpet parts.

8.    Improve the entrance

Substituting your old, fragile main doorknob with something sturdy makes your home look safe and reliable to homebuyers. Faux-painting steel front doors to something in wood grain also help increase its value.

9.    More storage space

Adding wood closet organisers to bedrooms, foyer closets and pantries provides you with extra functional storage space and gives your home a customised look.

10.    Check plumbing

Have an electrician and plumber check your electrical services and fix faulty outlets and wires, and check and fix water leaks. It proves you have a well-maintained home to the buyer, which affects the final price.

Even if you don’t have plans to sell your home, these are ten small hacks for improving your property value which lie within your budget. Remember, a well-maintained home will let you demand a high price if and when you need to sell it.