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Review: If Britain Had Fallen

It is set in 1940, after the fall of Britain to an invasion by Nazi Germany.

If Britain Had FallenThe book tells the story of Tom and Jeanie and their clandestine adventures, fighting alongside the Home Guard. This has now become a resistance movement to be reckoned with, not the ‘Dads Army’ with which we are familiar. Tom and Jeanie blow up trains in Wales and on the London Underground. They lose friends in these attacks. Through a love of drawing they meet a supportive German officer who recognises that Hitler and the Nazi regime must be defeated.

Eventually, Tom and Jeanie escape to Washington D.C. where, with the support of Churchill and De Gaulle they persuade Roosevelt to enter the war.

This is a really exciting novel. Tony depicts a war torn 1940’s Britain: the threat from, indoctrination by and corruption of the occupying forces. This is juxtaposed alongside the bravery and courage of two young people.

The novel is aimed at an adolescent readership but it can be enjoyed by all.

If Britain Had Fallen by Tony Kane was reviewed by Dave Johnson.