Easter recipes

Easter cocktail recipes to try at home

Celebrate the Easter festivities with these quirky Easter recipes for a delicious tipple


Easter egg nog at The Black Horse, Kingston

  • 25ml white chocolate sauce
  • 50ml French vanilla vodka
  • 15ml Baileys
  • Ice
  • Pour measurement of vanilla vodka into a shaker full of ice
  • Add the white chocolate sauce
  • Add the Baileys measurement
  • Shake and strain into a coupete glass
  • Decorate with dark chocolate sauce


Holy Rhubarb from The Black Horse, Kingston

  • 50ml gin
  • 2 dashes of rhubarb bitters
  • 20ml of pink grapefruit juice
  • Splash of agave syrup
  • Rose lemonade
  • Pour in gin measurement and add the rhubarb bitter and and pink grapefruit juice
  • Stir gently in a mixer glass, then strain into a rock glass
  • Top up with rose lemonade
  • Garnish with a stick of rhubarb

Easter cocktails from The Black Horse are created by Hippo’s Mixologist, Gerard Porres.