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At-Home Bar: Entertaining Made Easy

At-Home Bar: Entertaining Made Easy

With your home bar, you can do two incredible things at once: relax at home while ensuring a safe and sociable environment for close friends and guests

When it comes to interior design and home renovations, the most common objective is to redesign the living room or upgrade the kitchen to make it more functional. Well, these design trends and intentions are popular for many reasons. One, the living room and your kitchen are busy areas that deserve an upgrade. Two, they often host guests, and as a homeowner, you always want to put your best foot forward. It’s human nature to show off and demonstrate our care to our family members and guests.

But there’s one more popular design idea that’s worth checking out – a provision for a home bar. Just like the regular home improvement projects, you can do at home, setting up a home bar can bring in several benefits.

A spot for relaxation at the end of a tiring work week

We all lead busy lives and the pressure at work can be stressful. So when we are at home, we always seek ways on how we can blow off steam and just relax. We can do this through a home bar. With your home bar, you can do two incredible things at once: relax at home while ensuring a safe and sociable environment for close friends and guests. It can be the start of a great hobby too. If you’re into collecting vintage wines or mixing drinks, having a home bar makes it more fun.

Setting up your home bar

Planning for a home bar should not be difficult. There are countless design ideas and websites online that are focused on home renovations and retro living. For example, you can visit some of the popular Pinterest boards to get some inspiration. You can easily find the right design tips and ideas that can suit your needs or lifestyle. Do you want a bar that’s Instagram-worthy or simply looking for a truly functional partner, like a simple bar trolley? There are design ideas that can easily work for your needs.

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A few tips to start the home bar

After deciding on the form and design of the home bar, you also need to decide on its contents and features. Ideally, the bar should be fully stocked with different kinds of bottles. But if you’re on a budget, you can add bottles, candles, or fine china that you can create an impression of looking full. In case you need to accommodate guests for a party, you can simply augment your mini home bar through the help of It offers equipment and accessories that can help you set up your home bar.

Don’t forget to accessorize your home bar. Although your collection of wine bottles is the focal point of the bar, you can still enhance its aesthetics by following a few tricks. For example, you can mix colours and texture to add the home bar and its environment for some character. If you have a metal-based cart, you can add some marble and leather accessories to add style.

Also, the seating and the lighting should be part of the design plan. If it’s a fixed area, you can add two or three chairs, preferably bar stools for comfort. The height of the stools should be dependent on the bar height. If the bar rises 41 to 43 inches from the floor, then your bar stools should be 29 to 32 inches in height.

Complete the bar look by adding the right set of lights to your bar. Using pendant lighting is the traditional way of illuminating the bar. You can also follow the lead by using a cluster of three or four pendant lighting. Make sure to choose low wattage lights to give your space that pub feels.

With these few design upgrades, you can easily pull off a decent home bar. You don’t need to completely renovate or spend a fortune to replicate your favourite bar. You just need a comfortable space where you can lounge around, grab a drink, and have fun in the comfort of your home.

Oh don’t forget the bucket of ice, it’s a must-have if you’re hosting some friends.