A Garden For All Seasons

A Garden for All Seasons

Your outdoor space can be a place you’ll want to use all year-round. We show you how you can have a garden for all seasons…


Outdoor rooms

Huddling together in a garden shed doesn’t exactly sound appealing, but you can pimp it up, declutter, and make it a whole other space altogether where you can escape from the chaos of family life, or even turn it into a working studio. Alternatively, invest in a brand new garden room for a cosy winter lodge in your own backyard. From wood-panelled rooms with external timber cladding made from pine and plywood to futuristic spaces with glass walls to give your garden a stylish and contemporary look, garden rooms come in various shapes, sizes and designs. Remember to consider the insulation when planning your garden space – a well-insulated room will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter and protect its contents from moisture and condensation. The overall look will transform your garden and really extend the living space outside.


Heat lamps

Purchasing a heat lamp can be a quick fix to the plummeting temperatures, but using energy to heat outside has a bad rap for being environmentally damaging, particularly gas heaters. Opt instead for an electric patio heater which gives out less of a carbon footprint and costs far less to run. Electric patio heaters heat the outdoor space quickly and are entirely versatile, sitting on walls, tables, and can even be mounted on the wall. To be truly ethically aware, check out the credentials before splurging. Also, if a heated patio is the ultimate aim, consider extending your living space into the garden this winter by redoing your patio to include an underfloor heating cable.


Hot tubs

It may soon be creeping towards the minuses out there, but with a hot tub you can ramp up the temperature and enjoy cosy days and evenings outside in the bubbles. Hot tubs offer a variety of functions, with massage jets and whirlpools for those keen to bring a taste of the spa to the garden, and music functions and lighting to fit any mood. In addition, there are above-ground and below-ground variations that you can pick from based on the landscaping of your garden and wooden-panelled styles that wouldn’t look out of place in an Austrian ski chalet. Be sure to do your research and decide what frills and extras you want and get hold of experts who will be able to offer advice on configuration, how to look after your tub, and the kind of costs you
can expect.


Fire pits

Cultivate that campfire ambience in your garden and make this year’s bonfire night extra special with a stylish steel, clay or cast iron fire pit. Kids can enjoy melting marshmallows over open flames, and come evening time, adults can unwind in a peaceful garden space with an evening tipple. Pits provide a charming focal point to any garden space, and different styles include basic portable metal bowls and more elaborate and permanent pits. Iron fire pits tend to be on the cheaper end of the spectrum, while steel pits are lighter and more water resistant and so less likely to rust – and therefore are more expensive. Do think about what you’re actually burning and how it impacts the environment though. Squires has recently started selling coffee logs – briquettes made from recycled coffee grounds which burn longer, hotter and cleaner than wood. They are also carbon neutral, zero waste, and are made in Britain. Add some bright throws and fake furs over your chairs for guests to snuggle up in.



Autumnal garden pottering will inevitably lead to a trail of mud through the house, and can trample and trash what remains of your garden during the winter months. Buy your own temporary pathway to make the deepest darkest depths of your gardens accessible even in the bleak mid-winter. Roll-out paths are widely available online and at garden centres, and are hard wearing, durable, and are quick and easy to clean.