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JI Nutrition: Foodie Focus

We talk to Joanna from JI Nutrition about her role as a dietitian and the relationship she has with her clients

What inspired you to become a registered dietitian?

I have a love for food and was always in the kitchen cooking and baking from a young age. This combined with my interest in science and health fuelled my passion for helping people live a healthier life through diet. Becoming a registered dietitian was the perfect solution to combine both my passions.

What areas can you help clients with?

Clients contact me for support with managing their weight, gastrointestinal issues and food intolerances, women’s health issues such as fertility and menopause. Having 14 years’ experience working in a leading London NHS hospital I am also able to advise on medical issues such as cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular health.

I work with local businesses too, providing a range of bespoke services from menu analysis to healthy workplace programmes.

There is a vast amount of information on diet and health, how do you ensure that the information you provide clients is correct?

Food is constantly in the media. There is always some new diet or food that we should or should not be eating, so it is very hard to know where to get accurate information. Dietitians are the only qualified nutrition professionals that are regulated by law and governed by an ethical code to ensure we work to the highest standard. So, you can trust that the advice will be based on facts not fiction.

What can a customer expect from a personal consultation?

All clients are offered an initial complimentary call so I can really start to understand what support they need and discover their goals. An hour personal consultation is then arranged either at a Surrey clinic or via a secure online video consultation which enables me to work around your lifestyle, at a time that suits you. During the consultation we will discuss your diet, lifestyle, and any health concerns to develop a detailed diet treatment plan tailored to your individual needs. I always able to answer any questions along the way and provide ongoing support.

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