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A Tailored School Curriculum

Rebecca Glover, Principal at Surbiton High School, tells us what the school has to offer pupils

Tell us about Surbiton High School and what you offer a pupil from Prep to Sixth Form

Surbiton High School is an independent school for boys aged 4 to 11 and girls aged 4 to 18. We offer a balanced curriculum, with tailored provision. This means we treat all our pupils as individuals with their bespoke talents, interests and passions; and tailor the curriculum and co-curricular opportunities to meet their diverse needs. Sports, Drama, Music and the Arts complement the core elements of academic study. Our pupils are well rounded, confident and able to experience all aspects of life with the skillset and learning habits required for 22nd Century life.

How important is to you that pupils are prepared for life beyond the classroom, and how do you enable this journey?

Surbiton High School considers life beyond the classroom to be extremely important. We have a Director-in-Residence, Writer-in-Residence, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Artist-in-Residence and Composer-in-Residence, who work with pupils in a creative capacity, encouraging them to take risks, problem solve and develop their confidence. There are opportunities for pupils to work with businesses and immerse themselves in a range of projects and activities which present themselves via our wide community.

The use of digital and emerging technologies is embedded throughout the School with our use of iPads and increasingly new technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence.

What do you think it is that makes Surbiton High School stand out from other local schools?

Our innovative curriculum is truly tailored for each child. For example, those on the Oxbridge Programme experience a unique blend of academic, cultural and diverse experiences; both inside and outside the classroom. Our World Champion skiers and rowers can follow a curriculum that allows them to train and compete whilst, at the same time, achieve the academic grades necessary for their further education. Our focus is not just on the here and now for our pupils’ education, but also, we are forever consciously driven by the future needs of universities and employers: we ensure pupils leave Surbiton High School equipped for the real world challenges ahead.

Are there any initiatives you are particularly proud of at Surbiton High School?

The ‘In-Residence’ roles work provide an additional tier of education to the curriculum, with expertise in areas such as Business, Entrepreneurship, Art, Drama and Music. We were delighted to win the TES Creativity Award last year, as recognition for our work in inspiring pupils to become creative individuals. More recently, we have also been shortlisted by TES for our Sporting Programme. Based on the premise of providing a ‘sporting choice for all’, the programme allows pupils to follow a different pathway, be it Competitive, All-rounder or Artistic. We aim to instil in our pupils an enjoyment of sports and physical activity which they will continue through to their adult lives, understanding the positive impact it has on their overall well-being.

What motivates you to get up and go to work each day?

I personally love seeing children learn! When a child ‘gets something’ and has a ‘lightbulb’ moment, it is hugely rewarding. Knowing that you are making a difference is a wonderful feeling and that is incredibly motivating.

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