Working Together to Support Wellbeing

During a challenging year, the team at Holy Cross Prep reflects on the importance of collaboration and communication in the wellbeing of their school community.


t Holy Cross Prep, we recognise the value of wellbeing in our community. During this unsettled period of social distancing, a supportive and collaborative approach to education has never been so important – after all, we’re in this together.

With so many changes for children to contend with, it’s easy to overlook the other members of our community. Inevitably, our parents’ wellbeing is influenced by the connection they have to their children’s lives, much of which takes place inside the school gates.

As educators, we are responsible for creating an environment that inspires a love of learning; a place of warmth and safety that provides the tools and opportunities pupils need to learn, grow and excel. In the past, our parents experienced this environment first-hand; they applauded from the audience at our Christmas productions; accompanied us on educational visits to RHS Wisley; organised music and refreshments at our annual disco and pegged down tents at Camp Night.

2020 has, to an extent, severed this physical connection to the school. One of this year’s challenges has been finding new ways to connect and stay connected; to re-establish a link we once took for granted. Teamwork has been integral to the success of our journey from onsite learning to home learning, and back again. Our parents have been with us every step of the way.

During ‘home schooling’, live lessons took place via Microsoft Teams each day, providing face-to-face contact between families and teachers – some parents even dusted off their old instruments to join in music lessons! A dedicated Home School platform hosted resources and videos, from assemblies to PE exercises. Daily social calls encouraged classmates to catch up outside the ‘classroom’, reassuring parents that their daughters’ wellbeing is a key focus of school life.

Since returning to school in June, we’ve harnessed the enthusiasm we saw during lockdown. From parent-teacher video calls and Zoom meetings with our Form Reps, to interactive games on Instagram and drive-thru charity coffee mornings, it has been wonderful to find imaginative new ways to connect with our parents. We are grateful for their proactive, collaborative attitude towards school life, which contributes so much to the wellbeing of the entire Holy Cross Prep community.