How to style the ‘tenniscore’ trend

Game, set, match! Serve up chic and stylish looks with these top tips on how to wear tennis-inspired fashion…

Main image: Pretty Little Thing

Between the Wimbledon Championships and the recent hit film Challengers starring fashion icon Zendaya, it’s safe to say it’s well and truly the summer of tennis. ‘Tenniscore’ is back and better than ever, with the chic and summer-ready look perfect for the time of year. Tenniscore is all about sporty style mixed with prep and understated elegance. But you don’t have to go all out – here’s how you can incorporate it into your wardrobe in any way you want.


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you say ‘tenniscore’? Pleats, of course. The iconic pleated skirt is sported by tennis players every year, and it’s a great way to get the look into your own wardrobe – plus, easy to style too. Pair them with trainers, a simple t-shirt or a denim jacket if you’re looking for a more casual outfit, or dress them up with an elegant V-neck vest for the more classic, timeless look.


Tennis dresses are more popular than ever this year – the simple yet sweet and gorgeous look has been popularised with Zendaya’s show-stopping red carpet silver tennis dress. You can follow in her footsteps and go the glam route, or opt for a simple summer-day look by pairing it with boots or trainers for an effortless yet stylish and put-together outfit that keeps you on trend.


The polo shirt has made a comeback – or did it ever really go away? A timeless garment that carries a unisex appeal, looking great on men and women alike, it pairs gorgeously with a pleated skirt. You can incorporate it as part of a classic tenniscore outfit, complete with a preppy retro jumper tied round the shoulders. Alternatively, style it with jeans for a casual day look.


Rock the colours of Centre Court with pops of green in your outfit – this year’s trend favours bold and bright colours over the muted shades of years past, with green snagging the top spot. If you love block colours, go for a fully-green pleated skirt or polo shirt. Or, if you prefer the classic whites of tennis fashion, why not incorporate a stripe of green here and there in your elegant whites as a nod to the trend?


Tennis necklaces and tennis bracelets are a gorgeous way to add a sprinkle of sparkle into your look. Accessorize your outfit with a simple and delicate piece that nods to tennis – think Zendaya’s jewellery in Challengers. Pretty, silver and not-too-out-there pieces that don’t distract from your clothes but rather enhance your look with a subtle hint of glamour.