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Milliner Jessica Rea Shares Her Tips For Race Day Hats

Epsom milliner Jessica Rea has created stunning pieces for hundreds of racegoers over the years. She reveals her top style tips and how you wow with your race day hats

What is your advice on finding a suitable hat?

The advice I always give my clients is to have fun with trying on race day hats! Whenever people visit my boutique [in Ewell] I encourage them to try everything on, whatever catches their eye, you never know what will suit you. It’s important to keep your event in mind when trying a new hat or headpiece but always wear something you feel comfortable and confident in.

And what about matching race day hats to an outfit?

When styling my clients I always advise to match the shoes, handbag and hat, this creates a beautiful, timeless look. For me, classic style is always the best. I also offer a hand dyed shoe service with matching handbags.

What are the trends for this year?

Bold block colours are everywhere, creating statements with clashing colours are a must, but it is important to remember that not every colour, shape and style will suit everyone. When styling, I draw on the importance of colour in an outfit as well as what suits a person’s skin tones and style. I can help create the perfect look, showing you how to put together an outfit and creating a confident, powerful look.

What are your most popular looks currently?

Headbands and turbans are huge this year for me which are a break from the traditional race day hats. I’ve created some beautiful bold coloured silk turbans which can be made in a range of colours and can create the perfect pop of colour to any outfit for both day and night. I’ve also really focused on recreating classic styles this year with modern twists.

And do you have an outfit planned for this year’s Epsom Derby?

My outfit always comes last! I like to know that everyone else is 100 per cent happy with their own outfit first before I even think about mine. When you’re styling and creating headpieces for over 150 people I barely have time for myself. However, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing your clients gleaming at the Epsom Derby because they feel incredible in their outfit.