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Merton Dental Turns 25

We talk to the team at Merton Dental to find out what it means to celebrate 25 years serving the local community

Merton Dental has been serving the community since 1994, when the premises were converted from a wine bar into a state-of-the-art dental practice. The mastermind behind such a transformed space is possibly the longest serving dentist in Wimbledon, Munther Sulieman.

He qualified at University College London and developed his knowledge through the years first by gaining a master’s degree and then a doctorate from the University of Bristol where he is a research fellow. Munther runs a very successful maintenance preventativebased practice with a special interest in tooth whitening and tooth discoloration.

He is actively involved in teaching at postgraduate level across the UK and internationally, lecturing on tooth whitening, natural composite layering techniques and laser dentistry. He is also a dental phobia certified dentist.

Although Munther is a dentist with 30 years of experience, he didn’t always want to be a dentist. He was to become an airline pilot but during a visit to his dentist while doing his A- levels, the dentist made such an impression on him that he took her advice and did dentistry.

Munther enjoys helping people achieve good oral health and maintaining it, once they become long-standing patients it is this feeling of being proud that he was partly responsible for changing the way a patient looks after their dental health. Over the years, patients have become more like friends.

Patients are committed to Munther as much as he is committed to their dental care and to them. Many still arrange a visit to Wimbledon when they come back from places as far afield as Abu Dhabi and Australia.

Merton Dental stands out where patient care is paramount with treatment options given with a personal approach and engagement with the patients coupled with high quality work as standard. Emergencies are always seen on the same day and when there is something that needs urgent referral, it is actioned immediately, ensuring patients do not have to worry about their care – it is always in safe hands. Added to this mix, his friendly, relaxed, and professional team is always ready to have some laughter, a team comprised of Karin, Lucy, Morgan, Izzy and Beth.

On Wednesday the 27th November 2019, the practice will have its 25th year anniversary celebrating at a reception with food and Champagne when many of the patients who still attend the practice after 25 years will come to enjoy the day and reminisce on those early days.

If you think Munther and his team can help you achieve better dental health, why not give them a call on 020 8544 1122 or email

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