Review: Blank Street’s Padel Club

‘Game, set, matcha!’ 

With the incoming warm weather, Natasha Berman went along to Blank Street’s Padel Club press preview to try the new pop-up outside Battersea Power Station…

Before arriving at Blank Street’s pop-up Padel Club, I knew very little about this new craze, a fast-growing racquet sport combining elements of tennis and squash and typically played in doubles. Originating in Mexico and gaining popularity in Latin America, padel is now rapidly spreading across the globe. The appeal lies in its accessibility, social nature, and dynamic play style. Padel fosters an inclusive atmosphere and attracts players of all ages and skill levels.

Blank Street is known for its innovative matcha creations – on arrival, my guest and I were treated to a variety of drinks and snacks. We opted for the delicious summer Mango Passionfruit Matcha and banana bread, which we enjoyed so much that we later went back for seconds. The venue is adorned with a photobooth, Polaroid picture stand, full court, and gift store. 

For the press preview, we were given a half-hour lesson from Andrea, their expert coach. This session covered the basics of the sport, where we got to learn a variety of playing techniques and even played our own game. Our instructor was not only talented and enthusiastic, but also patient with us as we struggled to keep a volley. After the lesson, we had a second drink which was a necessity after working up a sweat. We sat in the padel-themed loungers and took in the experience before going to look at the merchandise.

Their matcha bar features the new summer specials: Watermelon Matcha Spritz, Yuzu Matcha Spritz, Mango Passionfruit Matcha and Yuzu Lemonade. These options are perfect for post-padel refreshment! 

The padel pop-up is now open to the public until 14th of July and you can book a court for four people. The session also includes a drink each. Book online.

If you’re looking to try this on-trend activity this summer, London and Surrey have several excellent options.

1. David Lloyd Raynes Park is a premier sports club featuring multiple courts, top-notch amenities, and professional coaching.

2. The Chelsea Harbour Club, known for its luxurious facilities, offers courts and extensive amenities, providing a premium playing experience.

3. Playtime Padel Club offers state-of-the-art courts and professional coaching for both newcomers and experienced players.

4. Epsom Tennis Club has excellent leagues, tournaments and facilities to engage the local community.

5. Padel Tennis London is equipped with a licensed bar and hosts events and tournaments for members.