entertaining the kids

10 easy wins for entertaining the kids

What does half-term look like during lockdown? We have some easy ways to beat boredom and keep your own sanity…


Got an old digital camera knocking about? Send them out into the garden for some nature photography. Create a blog on WordPress to showcase their findings.


Many kids love treasure hunts. Get them to make up the clues and send each other on missions around the house.


Create a bug hotel in the garden. They can be as simple or as complex as you wish!  There’s a great guide from The Royal Horticultural Society here and the RSPB here


Organise Facetime calls with friends and relatives. They will be missing their mates as much as you will miss yours if isolating.


Creating a home gym is a great idea for entertaining the kids, and tire them out. Tape a line along the floor, then use it as a balancing beam, making it harder each time such as balancing items on their heads as they go. Have a sack race with old pillow cases.


A good pillow fight is called for. Perfect for letting out frustration. Parents –  join in. Shout, scream, laugh…


Organise a puppet show. Turn a cardboard box into the theatre. Create sock puppets. Ask older kids to write the scripts.


When the weather gets hopefully warmer and drier, set up a camp in the garden. If you don’t have a tent, grab some old sheets and garden chairs so they can make a den.


Don’t feel guilty about screen time. Let’s all be kinder to ourselves over the next few months while we juggle home working, home schooling and everything else. And let’s not feel bad if they do spend time on Fortnite – it also has a plus side in that they can still virtually hang out with their mates. Enable those microphones… it’s hell, but desperate times call for desperate measures…


Let the kids organise ‘dinner’ at a home restaurant. They can create the menu, signage for the restaurant, laying the table and taking turns to play waiter. You can sit back and relax. Is it bad form to ask your kids to pour you a glass of Malbec? Whatever gets you through…

What are your tips for entertaining the kids? Let us know and check back for more tips.