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From cool and quirky dining concepts to theatrical evenings with a twist, we review the pick of the best immersive events on your doorstep and beyond…

1 The Banquet of Hoshena  

The latest immersive dining experience to make waves on the London dining scene, the elusively named Banquet of Hoshena seeks to try something a little different with deft lighting, 3D art installations and projections that take you inside a magical world where you leave the humming capital city streets far behind.

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2 A Shot in the Dark at The Bedford, Balham 

The Bedford in Balham has always been a hub of the community – a great drinking spot and restaurant. But it’s also at the forefront of showcasing live music, comedy and now immersive theatre and events. In fact, it has a number of unique shows – past interactive theatre include Medium Rare back at the beginning of the year – and their most recent immersive dining experience, A Shot in the Dark.

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Immersive Dining Experience The Bedford - Time and Leisure

3 Dinner is Coming

If you’re missing hit fantasy epic Game of Thrones already, then head on over to Dinner Is Coming, an immersive dining experience set in the underbelly around Waterloo station, which is part homage, part spoof, part murder mystery.

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Dinner is Coming

4 The Candlelight Club

The London immersive dining scene is rich with themed supper clubs, theatrical events and dinner time spectacles, but The Candlelight Club has been flying the flag in the capital for years, bringing mysterious 1920s themed nights to revelling Londoners. I’d heard  whispers about what was in store for this particular evening, and expected a smattering of flappers and some live music, but the secrecy shrouding these legendary parties meant I knew little about what to actually expect

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