Bridgerton is back! Filming locations in London and Surrey

Bridgerton is back! Filming locations in London and Surrey

Bridgerton is back for season 2! And just like the first series of the Netflix smash hit show, several of our local gems make an appearance on screen as one of their glorious backdrops. Read on for where it was filmed, and find out more about other top TV and film locations in south west London and Surrey…



The costumes lavish, the bosoms heaving and the sets glorious: Bridgerton is back for season 2! The Regency era drama is a feast for the eyes – and, if you want want to visit some of the settings right now, you could head to Painshill Park, Cobham, which stood in for the Botanical Gardens – its distinctive bridges and lake make for stunning backdrops in several scenes.

In season one, the interiors of Syon House appear many times – The Great Hall is the location for when Simon is planning to leave his London home and he is speaking to Lady Danbury. You also see Daphne walking through while the staff are preparing the hall for the Hastings Ball. When Queen Charlotte is meeting her nephew, the Prince, she walks down the Long Gallery with her three fluffy Pomeranians. It is also featured heavily in season 2, acting as Conservatory, St James Palace, and Will’s club.

And Hampton Court’s exteriors made an appearance before too as Queen Charlotte’s abode, and they are back, not only as Buckingham Palace and Gardens but also as a backdrop for Chancery Lane and Printing Press, where Eloise Bridgerton is set to meet some very interesting working-class companions, plus it features as Art Academy as seen in episode five. 

A bit further out, Windsor Great Park will be “playing” both Aubrey Hall Forest and Hyde Park, whereas the Polo Club in Berkshire can be seen as a racecourse in episode two. Ranger’s House in Blackheath will act as Bridgerton House & Gardens. Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich was used extensively, too – you can see it as the market, Mayfair, and the street outside Featherington.

Also in season 1, Sunbury Walled Gardens were used as Kensington Gardens. And St Mary’s Church in Twickenham made the pretty scene for the low-key wedding. Plus, the Normansfield Theatre in Teddington was used for a boxing exhibition.

Pictured top: Hampton Court Palace Privy Garden – Kate and Edwina Sharma. Photo courtesy of Netflix


War Horse – Wisley and Farnham

Michael Morpurgo’s story of the bond between a horse and a young boy destined for the fields of the Somme received an on screen makeover by Steven Spielberg. The production was taken to Wisley Airfield in Surrey where they recreated No Man’s Land battlefield scenes and Bourne Wood near Farnham in Surrey was also used as a location for depicting wartime camps.

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The Wings of the Dove – Brompton Cemetery and Painshill Park

Brompton Cemetery is used as the setting for a scene in 1997 film, The Wings of the Dove, an adaptation of a Henry James novel staring Helena Bonham Carter. In the film, the character Kate tends to the grave of her mother and another scene uses the open green spaces of Painshill Park, Surrey.


A Clockwork Orange – Wandsworth

A 1971 dystopian cult classic directed by Stanley Kubrick and based on the grizzly Anthony Burgess novel is a famously disturbing depiction of a charismatic delinquent with ultra-violent tendencies. The central character leads his gang around London and plots terror on locals. A scene depicting the gang attacking the homeless man is filmed in the subway between Trinity Road and Swandon Way in Wandsworth and later on, the homeless character takes his revenge on the Chelsea Embankment. There was also a fight scene filmed in the hotel on Taggs Island near Hampton Court (since demolished).


The King’s Speech

This Academy Award, BAFTA and Golden Globe winning film chronicles King George VI’s ascension to the throne of the British Empire in 1936 and the relationship established with the speech therapist employed to aid the King’s speech. The film’s critical moment sees Colin Firth step up to the microphone to make his first wartime radio broadcast on Britain’s declaration of war on Germany in 1939 – a poignant moment that richly symbolises Britain’s role in the wake of Nazism that at this point was sweeping across Europe. The film’s depiction of the BBC control room is a control centre in south London’s Battersea Power Station.

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The Favourite – Hampton Court Palace

The Favourite is an historical period drama telling of the eccentric Queen Anne and her relationship between two cousins vying to be the monarch’s main aid. Making use of the opulent grounds of Hampton Court Palace, filming took place in this iconic Surrey location along the Thames with scenes shot in The Cartoon Gallery, Fountain Court and Henry VIII’s kitchens.

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