Top 10 IYAF events

The International Youth Arts Festival kicks off this weekend in Kingston, here are some of the highlights


Turtles Don’t Like Plastic

Following a storm, a turtle finds herself trapped on a strange island made of plastic that’s forever growing. Join Todos Teatro as they explore themes including wildlife and the environment, and enjoy the physical theatre element and extraordinary puppetry.

6 July; 10.30am & 2pm; £8 
Rose Studio


Jack and the Beanstalk

The classic fairytale brought to life with Lyngo Theatre who will be performing this family favourite with gorgeous images and lots of onstage surprises.

12 & 13 July; 10.30am; £8 per ticket, £5 per ticket for groups of 10 or more
Act Man 


Lord of the Flies

A compelling production delivered by an ensemble of young men who tell the story of a plane crash on a desert island and how the young reluctant inhabitants deal with their new island life. The group splinters and a makeshift society unravells. Performed by CAPA – made up of 100 students from Coombe Boys’ School.

14 July; £17/£13
Rose Main


Bad Clowns: Cult Classic

An interactive show where the audience finds themselves in the hands of three members of a demonic cult. Join the threesome as they race to educate the masses. A briskly paced and anarchic production.

7 July; 8.30pm; £9.50
Rose Studio


The Book of Thel

A musical adaptation of William Blake’s prophetic poem, originally written back in 1788. The production features a mix of music, singing, dancing and acting and is a visual and metaphorical journey through themes of innocence and experience.

8 July; 7pm; £9.50 
Rose Studio


Bully Beef

Two bit Productions will be performing a tense play based in World War One, inspird by true events and telling the story of the Somme as a British tank breaks down during an advance. Besieged from without and unravelling from within, Bully Beef takes place entirely in a scale-correct model of a Mark 4 tank.

10 July; £9.50
Rose Studio


Sassy Stand Up

Featuring a line-up of some of the UK’s best new female comedians including Ellen Lilley and Katerina Robinson, Sassy Stand Up brings some funny women to Kingston for a night of comedy. The night has been curated by Actor Awareness, which is a campaign fighting for more equality and diversity within the arts.

12 July; 8pm; £12
Rose Main


Fun Sponge

Fun Sponge is a comic take on today’s generation Z. They drink less, experiment with drugs less, are all vegans. Devised by Reading Rep Young Company, this socio-political piece looks at what has gone before and questions whether they truly deserve such a reputation.

12 July; 7.30pm; £9.50
Act Main 


Crossing Borders

An exploration of two cultures and their immigration paths. The stories of three generations of a Japanese-Canadian family is interwoven with the story of a young Iranian recalling his childhood in Tehran, while adapting to his new home in London. Based on the stories Where Shadow Chases Light by Velina Hasu Houston and Fragments by Alex McSweeney.
14 July; 5pm; £9.50
Rose Studio


Rock Choir

Witness a spectacular display of uplifting, feel-good rock and pop and contemporary chart songs performed by national phenomenon, Rock Choir. The unique choir has over 30,000 members in over 400 local communities and offers an alternative experience to the traditional classical or community choir.
8 July; 7.30pm; £17/£13
Rose Main