Putney Boat Race

The Boat Race fact file

Head to the river this month for the ultimate spring sporting event – the Boat Race

It’s that time of year as we dust down those pinstriped jackets and head down to the Thames to watch the most prestigious university race in rowing. Marking almost two centuries of age-old waterside tradition, the Boat Race starts at Putney Bridge and twists its way to Mortlake where crowds are packed on the banks to watch the final push across the finish line. Each year, the event lures thousands of families, rowing enthusiasts, not to mention a young crowd keen for any excuse for a Thames-side Pimm’s or two.

When: 7 April 2019

Time: Women’s Boat Race 2.15pm
Men’s Boat Race 3.15pm

Distance: 4 miles / 6.8km

Start: Putney Bridge

Finish: Chiswick Bridge

Hot spots to watch:
Putney Embankment (start line)
Hammersmith and Barnes (mid-course)
Dukes Meadows and Chiswick Bridge (finish)

Fan parks: Bishop’s Park, Furnivall Gardens

The competitors:
Cambridge (CUBC / CUWBC) in light blue
Oxford (OUBC / OUWBC) in dark blue

First race:
Men’s: 1829
Women’s: 1927

Men’s: 16 minutes and 19 seconds, set by Cambridge in 1998
Women’s: 18 minutes 33 seconds, set by Cambridge in 2017

Putney Boat Race
Duncan Grive