immersive dining experience

Review: An immersive dining experience at the banquet of hoshena

An ambitious immersive dining experience where diners are treated to a full five course banquet accompanied by clever visuals, image mapping and video projection

The latest immersive dining experience to make waves on the London dining scene, the elusively named Banquet of Hoshena seeks to try something a little different with deft lighting, 3D art installations and projections that take you inside a magical world where you leave the humming capital city streets far behind.

A creation from the team at Dinner Time Story in collaboration with creative artists Studio McGuire, this particular theatrical spectacle is a night like no other, where diners are taken on a journey of sound and lighting, where plates and table cloths spring to life and the importance of the food you’re eating is heightened.

The main event

My friend and I turned up to TT Liquor in Shoreditch and led to a sparsely decorated and dimly lit room where we were greeted with a welcome drink before being shown the banquet table and met by our fellow diners. The room darkens and we are no longer diners but audience members, with a mannequin at the head of our table coming to life. This is the once Queen of Hoshena – the head of a mythical land once ruled by a monarch and full of life with fairies, volcanoes, waterfalls and nature. We are told by the queen that what was once a luscious kingdom has become a barren land as emotions of all kind are banned – in a Narnia-esque type story line. They only emotions that remain are in the form of the five plates, with each course curiously representing an emotion that is lacking. As we are introduced to each plate, our cutlery and table cloths are brought to life with faces of those who recount their personal experience of their time in Hoshena.

immersive dining experience

Foodie fantasy

Our first course and drink combination is a savoury macaron that appears to be suspended in mid-air. We are also treated to a fresh sugar snap pea gin and tonic. My friend and I then move onto a tasty buttner nut squash soup, playing witness to fun effects like dry ice to reveal a side of bread, before a flame-grilled burger with accompanying spicy accoutrements and a plate that seemingly explodes into flames.

immersive dining experienceOver a delicious dinner, my friend and I are left stunned by the intriguing delivery of the food and the perfectly paired drinks, although with each cocktail it’s clear that the room’s attention to the story begins to wane and there is a bit of confusion from audience members. The pairings and plates are all tasty and after five whole courses we are content and a little reluctant to leave the land of colour and tasty tipples for the rainy city streets of London.