Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse at the Southbank Centre

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse at the Southbank Centre

Daniel Pemberton returns to the Southbank Centre for a world premiere performance of “Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.”

By Adam Davidson

Main image (c) Lightroom Zen

When “Across the Spider-Verse” hit cinemas last year, it was a cultural phenomenon that captured the hearts and imaginations of its audience with stunning visuals, thrilling action and an inspiring story.

Another standout feature of the movie was its iconic score by Daniel Pemberton.

The London audience was in for a treat as they would be the first crowd to see this movie with a live orchestra.

The movie follows on from the events of “Into the Spider-Verse” as after reuniting with Gwen Stacy, Miles Morales journeys across the multiverse to defeat a new enemy, The Spot.

The movie was given a new lease of life with a powerful band and orchestra. This was evident from the opening scene as it starts with Gwen Stacy playing the drums with her punk band, this was perfectly recreated live by Mike Smith.

Just like at the first event, Pemberton encouraged the audience to clap and cheer whenever they felt like it. It sounds like it would be quite annoying but it surprisingly helps you get lost in the action and feel every moment as we root for the heroes to defeat The Spot.

During a ‘Live in Concert’ event, the audience can sometimes be so immersed in the action of the movie that they can almost forget that there’s an orchestra playing in the background.

However, there was no danger of that happening with this score as the movie takes place across different worlds and dimensions so Pemberton was able to keep it fresh and exciting throughout by incorporating new sounds and elements.

For example, when Miles Morales follows Gwen across the multiverse into Mumbatten, the orchestra uses Bollywood-style music to reflect the futuristic Indian setting of this dimension.

One of the brilliant things about  “Across the Spider-Verse” is that it’s a film full of diversity and different worlds and cultures. It allowed people from all walks of life to believe they have the potential to do something special and aspire to be more.

Another highlight of the orchestra event was when the fan-favourite Spider-Punk, AKA Hobie, was introduced. Pemberton got up and riffed on the electric guitar, which generated a huge applause from the crowd, whilst Mike Smith layed heavy drums.

After the movie ends, usually this is the moment that everybody gets up and leaves. Unless it’s a hotly-anticipated new Marvel movie, not many people wait through the credits. However, this was no ordinary movie screening.

The orchestra played the excellent track, “Am I Dreaming” – from Metro Boomin’s Spider-Man soundtrack, featuring ASAP Rocky, which was followed by the credits.

Daniel Pemberton thanked the crowd and said “I hope it inspires you to make music.” It would be hard not to after watching the incredibly talented musicians bring a film score to life on this scale.

The third and final movie “Beyond the Spider-Verse” is still in the process of being made and unfortunately won’t likely be ready for a year or so. However, when it is released, the Southbank audience will certainly be ready to take their seats for another orchestral rendition.