The Little Sleep Out

The Little Sleep Out

The Little Sleep Out

Get your family involved and help raise funds for street children

The Little Sleep Out is an event run by the charity StreetInvest, which helps children forced to live on the streets all around the world by providing them with safe spaces and the support of trustworthy adults. Street children face unimaginable challenges. They often find themselves isolated from their communities, unsupported, vulnerable and voiceless. The work the charity does has never been more important than during this last year when Covid 19 has made the hard harder, with their few existing support mechanisms taken from them. Through this time, when so many doors have been shut, the street work led by Streetinvest has continued to provide food, shelter and a sense of safety for these children.

Children supporting children. The concept behind The Little Sleep Out is to enable and empower our children to help these children. For many street children, night after night, a cardboard box may be the only shelter they have. The aim of ‘The Little Sleep Out’ is to leave the comfort of a bed by building a bed/den/shelter in which to spend the night, whether that’s on the bedroom floor, in the sitting room, in a tent or under the stars. In doing this, and by raising money for StreetInvest, you can help street children all around the world find those safe spaces and trustworthy adults they so desperately need.

So during June, why not grab all those cardboard boxes lying around the house and get creative! Ask family and friends to support you at or better still create your very own JustGiving fundraising page!

Nominate a friend to take on the challenge themselves and use #TheLittleSleepOut @streetinvest on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to show off your creations.

For all the information you need, please visit our JustGiving webpage above