zero waste

Top tips for going zero waste

Plastic is everywhere, it’s unavoidable, but make these easy and achievable baby steps and you’ll find it easy to go zero waste


Always be prepared and carry round a shopping bag for trips to the supermarket and you’ll avoid paying that extra 5p and adding to plastic waste.


Invest in a water bottle to fill up instead of going through bottles that contribute to waste and may not get responsibly recycled. Chilly’s or Swell bottles come in a range of stylish prints and keep your water cool.


Coffee cups cannot be recycled, with the exception of some from independent retailers. Buy your own reusable cup and chains like Starbucks will be happy to fill them, plus offer a discount to reward your green actions.

zero waste


Go big and bulk up and buy larger sacks of things that keep, like pulses, rice, chickpeas, instead of multiple small bags – then take home and fill into jars for long-lasting storage. Find out where you nearest zero waste store is and help local community initiatives


It’s likely your favourite snacks are wrapped in packaging that can’t be recycled, from crisps to biscuit packets, the packaging tends to have to go in the bin. Find your nearest TerraCycle spot and enjoy your snacks guilt-free.


Loose fruit and veg is an easy switch to make, opt for those loose peppers instead of the packaged option, visit your local greengrocer, baker and butcher and aim for a completely plastic free vegetable shop.



Switch it up and stop using tampons and pads during your menstruation cycle, the cup is a wholly environmentally ethical way to cope with your period and doesn’t involve using unnecessary plastic and cardboard.


When conducting your weekly shop, check if you can recycle the packaging before you buy, for example, reach for the glass sauce bottle instead of a squeezable plastic one.


Ask for your drink without a straw, go for biodegradable balloons or glitter – all prime examples of useless single use pieces of plastic. Soon straws, cotton buds and drink stirrers will be banned across the UK, but it’s up to us to boycott the other useless pieces of plastic to ensure and seek out the biodegradable alternatives.

zero waste


Make the switch with those everyday items with bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo bars and recyclable razors that don’t add to the waste problem.


Download an app directly aimed at tackling the food waste problem. Too Good To Go works by signing up businesses, from bakers to cafes, to list their wasted food online, while Olio lists free giveaways in your local area for you to go and pick up free of charge.