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Look and feel 10 years younger - 6 simple tips

Look and feel 10 years younger - 6 simple tips

Keep reading for the REAL reasons you might appear older than you are… and 6 easy tips for what you can do to feel and look younger!

Stand up tall

One of the biggest things that can age you is bad posture. But it can be fixed with some perseverance and the correct exercises, which can help build strength to correct problems like rounded shoulders and ‘tech neck’ – the dreaded stoop caused by staring down at our devices. You could try The Alexander Technique – it teaches improved posture and movement, which is said to also help in promoting wellbeing generally.

More youthful hands

Our hands are often neglected in our beauty routines and we forget to moisturise and use sunscreen, resulting in dry, wrinkled skin with age spots. So, what can you do? Says Louise Stewart, director of Nakedhealth MEDISPA in Wimbledon: “The skin is thin so the veins tend to look more prominent. We have excellent outcomes with fillers for hands. Pigmentation is a very telling sign of age. Zapping the hands a few times with the IPL (intense pulsed light) will help to even out the skin tone on the hands and make them look considerably younger. Plus, a good hand cream to repair overnight and one with an SPF for day time use is recommended”.


Turn that frown upside down

Those hard lines that develop either side of your mouth, often called marionette lines, can age you. Advises Louise: “Rather than treating the marionette lines themselves, the face can be lifted by subtly applying filler to the cheeks and around the temples. This will raise side of the mouth up and diminish the lines below. If they are severe, Silhouette Soft threads are an excellent solution. Gently applied just under the skin they run from the lines to the temples and recreate the lift that was there before. As the threads gradually dissolve over a two-year period, collagen production is increased and helps to maintain the firmer, more lifted appearance. Other in-clinic treatments include Pellevé radio frequency treatment, or skin needling, for firming and encouraging fresh collagen production.” 

You could also try some face yoga – there are several videos on YouTube. 

Also, look after your teeth to improve your smile – some simple whitening and composite bonding can help smooth out some minor imperfections.  

Crowning glory

As we age, our hair can become thin but  Anabel Kingsley, trichologist and brand president of Philip Kinglsey, says that if you pinpoint the cause, there are treatments that can help. “I will go through medical history, family history, general health, stress levels, lifestyle, diet and, of course, hair and scalp care regime. Blood tests are almost always a necessity as it gives me a good picture of any hormonal imbalance or nutritional deficiency that may be affecting the hair growth cycle.”

Treatments depend on the cause and can range from nutritional supplements and masks for the scalp to create a healthy hair environment to managing stress and scalp drops.

Neck not so taut anymore

The skin on the neck is thin and exposed more than the rest of the body – and we tend to forget to apply the SPF! Look for products targeting this delicate area such as the iconic Prai’s Ageless Throat & Décolletage Crème. Or try the salon-supervised Obagi Nu Derm system. Says Louise: “This series of products is the gold standard treatment for skin transformation. It takes a minimum of six weeks (one skin cycle), and realistically 18 weeks. It is a commitment but the results are thrilling.” This could then be followed up with a combination of micro-needling and radio frequency, such as the EndyMed Intensif treatment. Collagen is stimulated, fresh cells produced and sagging improved.

Smoother skin

Wrinkles are part of ageing but you can improve them. Says Louise: “Treatment for wrinkles varies depending on where they are. Good medical-grade skin creams have the ability to penetrate and stimulate the skin, improving cell turnover and reproduction. It is important to focus on this along with professional treatments. When it comes to above the lips (the barcode lines) filler applied gently and professionally gets good results.”