Cotton Barons

Dreaming In Cotton

Aga Graupen at Cotton Barons on their venture into the business world of textiles

We have been producing made-to-measure cotton packaging since 2007 and working with a broad range of businesses.

We produce make up and soap bags for cosmetic brands and our brands are used at events and celebrations. We also supply the hospitality sector with newspaper bags, laundry sacks and cushion covers. Grocery shops and bakeries use our bags for bread and grain bags. A jewellery maker and shoe retailer is also a regular client.

Every time the order comes in , new fabric is unrolled and cut into panels making every process unique. Thanks to our vast experience, we know exactly how to position print or embroidery so it sits well on the finished product.

We believe that every product deserves tailored wrapping and no business should ever compromise on the packaging of their products.

Our products are personalised. Our individual tailored approach to each business means through research, the prototype process, detailed answers, professional advice, our clients feel especially cared for. We enjoy watching our clients’ businesses grow and come back for more.

Our ‘yes we can ‘ approach, full involvement, flexibility, assistance and caring attitude makes Cotton Barons different. We are an exceptional company that manufactures only limited series of bespoke promotional packaging that stands out from the crowd.

Our head office is in a corner of south west London, but we have production facilities located in Lodz, Poland – a city known as Polish Manchester with a rich history attached to the cotton trade. The strong connection between what and where we do it adds value and emotions to the whole process of producing the packaging.

We know every supplier’s face and handshake. But apart from strong business bond there are Oeko Tex, Reach and GOTS certificates approving high standard of every element we use in order to make a bag. During production, no centimetre of fabric is wasted thanks to careful calculations and skilful cutting. If it happens there is any material left behind it is recycled into cloths.

Cotton Barons is a story about selfbelief. The beginning was hard but being systematic, focused, persistent and working every day was the key to overcoming, changing and developing the company into the well-established business we are now.

Cotton Barons is a family affair. There is my husband (a risk-taker and great support of mine.) There is also my daughter who is just six, but already well informed about our business.

Cotton Barons