Morr & Co.  

Morr & Co. – New name, same expert solicitors

Morr & Co. – New name, same expert solicitors

In January 2022, Morrisons Solicitors rebranded to Morr & Co.  

With eight offices across Surrey, Hampshire and South West London, Morr & Co are one of the South East’s leading law firms. 

From their origins in Surrey in 1729, they have been growing and adapting; expanding into new areas, developing their people and offering a wider service range to their broad and loyal client base across the region.  

Having worked under the name Morrisons Solicitors for the past 40 years, it was time for the firm to change their name to reflect this evolution and to bring their group of brands across the region together. And so, on 10th January 2022, the firm became Morr & Co – the same team of expert solicitors, just under a new name. 

Paul Harvey, Morr & Co’s Managing Partner, joined the firm in 1988 and has been instrumental in growing Morr & Co into the firm it is today. Here’s what Paul had to say about the changes. 

Tell us about the evolution of the firm. 

“It’s not the first time we have changed our name. It wasn’t until 1812 when George Morrison joined the firm, that “Morrison” appeared in the company name. Since then, there have been various name changes, all centred around the Morrison name, before becoming Morrisons Solicitors in 1978. With the company’s 300th anniversary approaching, we have taken the opportunity to modernise once again, while retaining an unbreakable link to our origins and heritage. 

Over the past 20 years in particular, Morr & Co has seen enormous growth, both organically through the acquisition of talented lawyers and support staff, as well as more recently through mergers with other respected law firms.  

At the end of 2018, the firm merged with Harrops & Hepburn Solicitors in Oxted and then in 2019 with Wheelers Solicitors, acquiring their offices in Fleet, Farnborough and Ash Vale.  

With both acquired firms having such great reputations and strong brands in their respective regions, it was important at the time for us to keep their names, whilst integrating them into the Morrisons Group. However, we are no longer separate firms and the time has come for our name to reflect the way in which we work – as one, united firm.” 

Why Morr & Co? 

The firm had been known affectionately as Morr Law for many years, so the new name represents that familiarity and respects our history. In addition, the “& Co” recognises the unification of our brands, and the company of talented individuals we have across the business. 

I passionately believe that everybody in the firm has a very important part to play, and the “& Co” represents just that. We’re in this together. We are a team. We share our core values. 

Morr & Co feels like a natural progression for the business. There’s a familiarity about it and a connection to our past and our rich heritage, but it’s also progressive and takes us into the future.” 

What should we expect in the future from Morr & Co? 

“We have long supported both individuals and businesses with their legal requirements – we have the depth of knowledge, capabilities and resources of a large firm, but have worked hard at retaining the approachability of a local practice.  

We will continue to play an active part in the communities in which we operate. Our team support many local charities and causes, and are heavily involved with our regional business communities. This is part of who we are and that won’t be changing. 

Whilst the visual part of our business has changed, I want to assure everyone that there will be no changes to the services that clients receive nor to our commitment to supporting those in the surrounding areas.  

We hope that our clients and communities will come along on this journey with us, and see us as a modern, progressive law firm, who are moving forward, and responding and adapting to change, to provide the services they need from us today, and in the future.”