Holland Hahn & Wills: Ingredients to a Fruitful Retirement

Holland Hahn & Wills: Ingredients to a Fruitful Retirement

Could Weekends, Breakfasts and a Sense of Purpose be the Secret Ingredients to a Fruitful Retirement?

Through our trusted and long-term relationships with our clients we gain a good idea of what constitutes a successful retirement. All retirements are unique, but we can discern trends that are often present.


Who needs weekends when retirement is one long holiday? The answer is…almost everyone. By making your weekend special, you are adding structure to your week. If you are sharing your retirement and have different interests to your partner, it’s a chance for shared time and activities. If not, it’s the opportunity to meet up with others. Either way your weekend should differ from the rest of the week.


We are told that, nutritionally, breakfast is the most important meal, but our clients tell us it goes further than this. Taking time over breakfast is one of the great pleasures of retirement and a chance to enjoy the one luxury that our working lives deny us, the time to relax, plan and look forward to the day ahead. It sets the tone for the day and the tempo of your retirement.


If I have given the impression that retirement is all about relaxing, it isn’t. A sense of purpose is important to enjoy the years following your conventional working life. Retirement is a state of mind, not a level of activity. Be busy for a sense of fulfillment and not just as a means of earning money.

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